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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Granny A Day #4 & more!

Here are my 4 squares so far

I have been busy collating photo's of Granny - A - Day Squares that the Granny-A-Day'ers  have sent in either via twitter or via their own blogs
& here's what I have collaged so far.

I will be making a collage once a week from now on
so that all the GrannyADays can be viewed in one go
but I am loving this collage so far even after 3.5 days of photo submissions!

I am now SO hooked on Granny Squares, one a day is not quenching my addiction, that I have decided to make a massive Granny Square Blanket - every row a different colour.
I am going to use up every little scrap of wool / yarn in my stash so some rows may even have 2 or even 3 colours per row.  I am just going to add 
more rows of every colour until the blanket is a good size!

And finally.....

Yesterday I had one of my 2011 students back for my first lesson of 2012

CD came along with the most amazing blanket - totally made from a very soft purple wool and as one giant granny square

She wanted to make a border for it, so I suggested a white edge in Trebles and then back to the purple in Double Crochet
This is it!

White Trebles with Purple Double Crochets to finish of this lovely blanket

I think the white has really set the solid main colour well

And here's the photo text picture that CD sent me today!


  1. I have five middles done. So tonight and tomorrow I can finish all five squares and be on schedule. I am enjoying this so much. I took yarn and a hook when I went to pick up my Rooster from work. I did my five middles.

    I am planning to use this blanket on my loveseat. I am using Red Heart because I have a dog that likes to lay on the loveseat. LOL

    Hopefully, I will find my camera batteries and get a photo soon.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Amy, that's fab news. I can't wait to see your 5 squares. I love that about Crochet - you can take it anywhere! I also can't wait to see the end result! I have started a huge granny blanket today and will post a picture of my WIP tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day too!


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