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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day #12 - Mittens& Granny Squares

Wow it's day 12 of Granny A Day already and I am still on Cloud 9 about the award I received yesterday.

You may remember the Purple Beret that I made for my friend the other day?

Well today I decided to make her some matching Mittens

And here they are!

I am meeting her for a catch up dinner tonight, so I hope she loves them both.

As I was following the description of the stitch, I didn't realise that I had added a WOH, but as I was keeping it consistent it didn't matter.  I wonder if I have invented a new stitch!

I also managed to get Granny A Day No. 12 made

And as I am joining as I go, here's what my Granny A Day 2012 blanket looks like so far.

I have 2 lots of 2 hour lessons tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that as my first class is a Lady and her Mother in Law - both of whom have never crocheted before!  MIL is a knitter but I think that's a disadvantage when learning to Crochet - still I will wait and see & keep you posted.

My afternoon lesson is one of my pupils from last year - she comes on leaps and bounds with every lesson and it will be interesting to see what she has Crocheted over the Festive Season.


  1. Ali your beret and mittens are beautiful!!!! And I love the color. :) Your grannies are beautiful too!!! I'm having a blast working on mine. Thanks for the great project. Have a great day!!!

  2. Thanks Tracey, I am rather pleased with them and I can only hope that she likes them too - I will know tonight!! I will try to get her to pose for a picture with them on LOL. Glad you are liking the Granny A Day - I am thrilled that so many people have signed up and are saying so many lovely words of thanks too! Hope you have a great day too! Ali x

  3. love the berri and mittens.. im following you now as well so we can see how far each of us are on a square aday ! your blankets looking good.x

    1. thanks Karen, your comment is very much appreciated and yes we can keep in touch re Granny A Day now! x

  4. I adore your mittens and little french hat, they are so feminine, it makes a stunning gift. Actually it must be hard to give away such beautiful items unless you have the same item for yourself.
    My mom is too old to teach me more complex crochet now as she's too frail, but I managed to make my first crochet item, a cell phone carrier pouch in yellow to wear around her neck. My mom has to wear a Tracfone SVC phone for seniors round her neck, which has bigger keys and letters on the screen so she can phone me in emergencies.
    I am pleased to see that you could sell me some of your hand made items or would make requests I don't know if I have the patience or ability to make big or complex projects.
    I love any item that has big and copious amounts of flowers on them.
    Your blog is a real inspiration and support for us women who are still learning the crochet craft.

  5. Hi Sarah and thanks for your lovely comment. That is very kind of you and it means a lot to me. Sorry to hear that your mum is now too frail to teach you to Crochet - is there no one else? You might be surprised if you start asking around! Yes, I can sell you crocheted items that I have made - just let me know what you would like! Hope to hear from you again soon with the added fact that you have found someone to teach you to crochet too!


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