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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31 + Crochet Class News!

Beginners Class this moring

We started off working in a flat round

As so far we had worked in rows

And they all made a great sucess

Of making some lovely coasters!

Please note the HAPPY SMILEY FACES - YAY

I like to teach making flat rounds in trebles, in preparation for starting on a Granny Square

They were thrilled to start their Granny Squares today and have lots of homework to do for next week when we are going to make a start on colour changes!

And here is Day 31 Square & yes it's in a different colour.

I have decided to call this Blanket my Tweet Blanket after all the wonderful response to my "Scraps" appeal on Twitter yesterday.

I can't wait until the post starts to arrive!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 - Hoopla Yarn

Day 30 already and here is the Granny Square Blanket / A Square A Day blanket so far!
As you can see I have used a NEW colour today - this rather startling but lovely pink.

I have also "TWEETED" that I need 7ft of Acrylic DK yarn and I have had several Tweets back to say that yarn is on the way - Hooray!

And now for Hoopla!

It's a yarn that's made from by products of the fashion industry, so each bobbin may have a slighty different thickness and it pre cut and wound onto bobbins like this!

I ordered 3 variations of the Pop Art Range & using a 12 mm hook and 2 bobbins I made this unique rug

Which is going to have pride of place in my guest bedroom.

So one more bobbin to go - what to make next is the question!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 29, More Crochet Lessons & Hoopla!

The Intermediates today made these lovely colour change flat circles in treble crochet

I love the colours they have used

In our lesson we covered Back Post & Front Post Trebles, Back Loop & Front Loop Doubles and Standing DC and TR stitches.

And then the post arrived!

HooplaYarn - 3 varities of colour combinations which I can't wait to get started on

And as you can see, neither could my beginners class in the afternoon - they all had a go with HooplaYarn and a 12 mm hook!!

This was thier homework - working in the round, in preparation for working on Granny Squares today (which I forgot to take a photograph of)

And finally is Day 29 Square

It's a lovely grey / green flecked yarn with I "borrowed" from one of my intermediates, along with about 7 other strands of colours that I don't already have!

So my plan is working and I have been nick named the "magpie"

The other great news from today is that 90% of my students want to return for EXTRA Crochet lessons once this 4 week course finishes next week!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 28 & Country Markets & Donations wanted

This is something that I have been working on over the weekend and I finally managed to finish yesterday.

It's a very long draught excluder! 

I made it from Cotton normally used for dishcloths as it's nice and sturdy & I lined it, as you can see from the photo below, with some printed green fabric that I had in my fabric stash.

This is for my Crochet Classroom.

Now for today.

Today I went to the Country Market at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton
It's held very Monday from 9am to 11.30am
And I am their newest producer.

I didn't manage to sell anything but I might have got a little more interest in lessons!

Square 28 is in "Apricot"

So another new colour

If you have about 7ft of DK yarn or wool lying around and would like to donate it to my project (this is the idea of "susgood" on Twitter, then please email me and I will email you back with my address.
Thanking you in Advance as I would love to get as many different colours as possible into this project.

Whilst at the Country Market, I didn't just sit there chatting away & drinking coffee, I made a few squares for my odd square Granny Blanket!

And finally, once I got home I made this poster for my Crochet Classroom, after downloading a "stitch" style font for my computer

And coloured it all in

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 26 & 27 + Poncho Wrap is finished

There is Day 26


Here is Day 27

So far I have managed to get a different coloured flower into each square - will I be able to get to 365 different colours do you think?

And finally - the poncho wrap is finisihed & now I want to make another one!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 25 & Crochet Pupil at work!

Here is Number 25 & yes I have managed to find another NEW colour!!

Now for a pupils progress.
This is what she brought into class today - hard worked Homework
As you can see the work on the right is a first attempt at working in rows &  on the left is her 2nd attempt which is much better on the straight edges 

In class we revisited working in rows and after a few rows of Double Crochet (dc)
We progressed to Trebles (tr)

Can you see the smile on her face as she's working away (concentrating hard)

and the copy of Simply Crochet Magazine in the background behind the spotty tea cup which we had a brief look through together!

We then worked on Trebles working them in the round in preparation for making Granny Squares next week.

However she's already tweeted me this picture!
Homework has begun - YAY

Wooly Hugs & Crochet Cuddles to you all for the weekend.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 24 - various Crochet Tales to Tell!

This lovely blanket was made by one of my old pupils from Surrey.

She finally finished it and sent me this lovely photo.

I am very proud of her!

This is one of my current pupils who decided to make herself this lovely colourful hat!

In beginners class today we revisited dc & tr's

Can you see how thier work looks "more relaxed" towards the top??

We always have fun in class

We lots of chat and tea / coffee & biscuits

One of my pupils bought this lovely Merino Spiral Granny Blanket from me today

So a very lovely Crochet Day today

And finally

Here is Square 24

As you can see I have managed to get another NEW colour into the blanket & this time it's Navy Blue!
When I went to the Blandford Knit & Crochet Club yesterday, I bought a small bag of yarn ends - perfect!

And finally (again)

What do you do with your yarn ends??

I fill up a large glass vase for a pretty & colour display

And when I need to stuff a toy or a small cushion I use these ends for the stuffing instead of buying the expensive stuff they sell in the shops!