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Friday, 1 July 2016

Yarn Review: Rowan Cashmere in Light Blue

Yarn Review:  Rowan Cashmere in Light Blue  

This was made possible by Laughing Hens

I’ve been crocheting since I was a child and come into contact with many a wool and yarn so today I decided to bite the bullet and review some for you. Usually I would go for an acrylic yarn if teaching & a wool or wool blend if I was making something for a friend or myself, so I was delighted when I got hold of a beautiful ball of cashmere from the upcoming Autumn/Winter season from Rowan.
Rowan began in Yorkshire and has its roots providing wool for designers and creative crafters. It’s now a hugely popular premium fibre brand and sold all around the world. They sell a variety of yarns and are always bringing out new colours. I was lucky enough to get hold of it thanks to Laughinghens.com. However, all opinions are my own and completely honest. So here goes…

The Make Up: 

Rowan Cashmere is 95% Cashmere & 5% Wool.  It comes in dainty 25g balls, approx. length 75m (82yds).  The recommended crochet hook size is 4.5mm & this wool is made in Italy.

“It’s like holding candy floss.  You feel like you have to treat it very gently or it might break.”

First Impressions

I loved the colour I was sent. It is called LIGHT BLUE (Shade 00052), but as soon as I opened the envelope, I saw “denim”.  I love denim.  I love my jeans, I live in jeans & welly boots, as I live in the countryside & I am a part time farmer of 6 claves plus I also have 9 ducks & 2 mad Lurchers, so this immediately appealed.  Being 95% cashmere, you can only expect me to say that this wool is super soft, and it is indeed.  It’s like holding candy floss.  You feel like you have to treat it very gently or it might break.

Using the Wool               

I love wool.  Due to my age, I call every little bundle of “wool” wool, even though it’s yarn, so therefore not really wool, but this IS REALLY wool.  Using an aluminium crochet hook, I worked a small foundation chain and simply hooked a few rows of double crochet.  It was a dream to work with.  The wool slipped quietly through my fingers & didn’t split or snag or even squeak, as some wools do when being hooked.  The aluminium hook worked well with this “real” wool, allowing to flow just as it should: perfectly. 

This little ball of wonder wool unravels effortlessly as you work, out of its little doughnut-shaped cocoon, leaving you with even stitches and a good tension.  I hate it when you have to fight with your yarn (some acrylics I mean) as it seems to Velcro itself together as you try to unwind it, therefore leaving you with a slightly uneven tension.  This is really annoying - unless of course you are an experienced knitter or crocheter and you’re prepared for this.

Shades Available:                          

Rowan Cashmere  is available in Cream, Pink, Light Blue, Marl Grey, Dark Grey & Black. You can order yours direct from Laughing Hens https://www.laughinghens.com/knitting-wool/rowan-cashmere.

I am already combining these colours in my crochet designer head and coming up with a host of things that I would like to make with this wool for this coming winter, e.g. a head band to keep my ears warm when I don’t want to wear a hat, wrist warmers for when I can’t wear gloves & lots of baby booties, as this wool would be perfect for a little ones little feet.


Caring for this wool couldn’t be simpler; Rowan recommends that you wash it before you wear it, for the perfect cashmere softness. A 30 degree wash will do the trick, so nice and eco-friendly.  You can also get it dry cleaned, with advice sought from a specialist. 


Quality is the key word here.  If you can afford it, buy it!  It’s truly sublime.  Cashmere soft, as you’d expect.  Only the best from Rowan.