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Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 273 - Crochet Classes Galore!

I spent most of this morning printing out "how too" leaflets for the crochet workshops this week

Monday:  Private class of 2
Tuesday:  Workshop of 4
Wednesday: Workshop of 4
Thursday:  Workshop of 6
Friday: Private class of 1
All being held from my Crochet Classroom at home &
Saturday: Workshop of 6 at a local venue

That's a lot of ladies learning to crochet this week!

This was my dining table earlier today....

And I also had a Crochet Commission to complete by lining it today & as sewing is not my forte there were a few hair pulling moments!

However I still found time, somehow to make square 273

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Weekend - Days 271 & 272 - Book Reviews

I got an email from Sue AKA Crochet Addict today, saying that she had had a chance to review my book, so I clicked on the link and held my breathe.   I didn't need to hold it for a second longer as her review is great and I am very touched as I know that Sue is an experienced Crocheter of many years and highly regarded by many fellow crocheters.  Here's the link for you to read it too:


Here are a couple more book reviews by

Both of whom are top notch crocheters - hailing from the USA & master crafts women  in my opinion.

I spent most of Saturday working on my latest commission for Inside Crochet Magazine
This is all that I can share with you

As my husband decided to work from the office upstairs, I really did make headway & cracked a good portion of my design & work.


I went to put on my favourite "knock about" jeans this morning & found that the hole was crying out for a patch.

I searched for some spare denim but after looking High & Low I decided that the only way to go was CROCHET!

So I designed a little "cloud" patch

And sewed it in place.

This is what TWITTER has said:

Chellebab's avatar
Michelle mentioned you

Michelle @Chellebab
@CrochetAli cool! Brilliant and original idea :)

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cazz mentioned you

cazz @beadercollie
@CrochetAli that's genius!!

Faerydesigns's avatar
Faery Designs mentioned you

Faery Designs @Faerydesigns
@CrochetAli looks great :)

And after a lovely afternoon with friends & dogs

Here are Twitter Blanket Squares 271 & 272

Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 270 - Crochetastic!

I got this "tweet" today

Happy Mamma @Happy_Mumsy
*screams with joy* I've cracked it :-)  #crochet thanks @CrochetAli

She's just bought my book 


Day 270 is this "Full Bodied Wine" coloured square

However more exciting than my square for the day is

The fact that the latest Inside Crochet Magazine has arrived.

Issue 46 is jam packed full of wonderful patterns including a Crochetastic Cardigan by Kat Goldin & some absolutely fab BOO Bunting by Lynne Rowe PLUS there's a masterclass on Crochet Socks & you know how much I love making Crochet Socks!

I don't have a pattern in this months issue, however if you look on page 81, which previews next months issue, my Triangle Scarf is in the middle photograph!!

If you don't subscribe to Inside Crochet Magazine
Then you should!!

OR pop down to your newsagents & ask for a copy!!

Did I mention the Duck Bathmat & Flannel or the Ellie Project Basket or the.........

You'll have to get a copy and see all these wonderful patterns for yourself.

Oh and I also took 2 Crochet Class bookings today too.  Phew!

One last thing - someone from Twitter found this on Pinterest today & sent it to me as she thought I might like it

I love it!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 269 - More Crochet Class action!!



 More Homework

And more!

I can't tell you how totally overwhelmed I was to see all this fantastic work, especially the last photo as this lady missed last weeks lesson, but wanted to "keep up to speed with the others" so I emailed her a pattern to follow and she did it all by herself!

In class today we worked on colour changes in Granny Squares

And different joining methods e.g. Tangled or Slip knot joins 

And how to darn in the ends as you go so you don't have millions of ends to sew in when you finish
"A lifesaver"

The top photo is the front of the work

And the one below is the back

How neat is that!

And there was no stopping them either

Their Granny Square just grew & grew!

And all the ladies have signed up for an extra workshop for the next 4 weeks too.

Needless to say they are "HOOKED"

Day 269

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 268 - Crochet Classes in Dorset

I have had a "Day Of" today - well a day of Teaching!

Instead I have been working on my latest commission for Inside Crochet Magazine & visiting Sparrow UK in Shaftesbury to discuss Crochet Workshops!


Plus I have been preparing for 4 new workshops which all start next week!

That's 20 new ladies learning Crochet either in Group Workshops or Private One2One classes - actually make that 21!

Monday Evenings is a One2One for 2 - Tuesday Mornings, Wednesday Evenings & Thursday Mornings are Group Workshops & Friday Morning is a Private One2One!

My little Crochet Shop

Day 268 is once again thanks to Vicky

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 267 - 4 week Crochet Workshops in Dorset sadly end

Well they almost do, as all the ladies want to come back for more!!

So some have arranged to come back for the next 4 weeks in October & some in November - now that's the best feedback a Crochet Teacher could ask for.

They all did terribly well - making sure homework was completed & they all came prepared to every class with good questions.

Today we advanced from Granny Squares

To colour changes in Granny Squares & one lady even started to make Granny Rectangles from my latest pattern in Issue 45 of Inside Crochet Magazine!

They all loved this lesson, especially as I taught them the no knot method of joining a new colour using my "Tangled" method
How to work colour changes with no ends to sew in afterwards

(Both methods are available on my eLearning Courses & in my book by the way!!)

This lady is one lesson behind the others, but is making great progress with her granny square

And I got this email tonight:

hi Ali,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the month of crochet lessons, I feel as if I have a good solid ground to work from.
Looking forward to the next classes in November,
kindest wishes

Isn't that so lovely!!

Day 267 is this wonderfully pale cream flower, once again thanks to Vicky for her very generous wool donation to my Twitter Blanket.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 266 is a BUSY BEE day!

First and foremost - and I am not complaining - the phone hasn't stopped ringing with enquiries for Crochet Workshops that are starting next week & in November.

For more information go to www.gethookedoncrochet.co.uk

Then the post arrived and there was this!

It's from 
And I am going to make a pair of socks with it. 
As it's DK I am going to design a pattern as I have only made socks with either 4ply or chunky wools before!!

I can't wait to get started and as soon as I finish my commission for Inside Crochet Magazine

Then this magazine arrived on my doorstep!

It's new & they have been kind enough to mention my online courses

Finally is Square 266 which I just about managed to make

After taking another enrollment to my to my eLearning Course 1 - The Basics

Now to get prepared for my lovely ladies who are coming to their Crochet Workshop tomorrow - it's all go in my Crochet World - YAY

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Book Review - The Fine Art of Crochet by Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Book Review – The fine Art of Crochet by Gwen Blakley  Kinsler

Gwen is the founder member of the Crochet Guild of America – CGOA – so she knows what she is talking about when she wrote this self-published book which takes you through a wonderful journey of innovative works from 20 contemporary artists.

The introduction in itself is a captivating read which develops into further headings of Crochet Beginnings, Crochet Revolution & Crochet Evolution, all of which are equally fascinating.

Forget Crochet Doilies & Granny Square waistcoats of the 70’s – this book brings a whole new meaning to the word “Crochet”.

The photographs in themselves are tantalising, but it’s the written word that will hold you in its grasp and not let you put this book down.

Each of the 20 Artists, both men & women are really enlightening & the deep research by Gwen & openness of the artists themselves will have you wanting to know more and more about them & their work. 

As male crochet artists tend to be more inconspicuous in the Crochet world, I found the more interesting reads were from artists such as Pate Conaway, who prefers to use his fingers rather than a crochet hook & Dale Roberts who crochets sculptural works with a maritime theme.

You can almost visualise the way in which the pieces came to be,  when you start to read the story behind each one.  You will find yourself wanting to go to America to visit a Gallery & see these Crochet works of art for yourself.

It’s truly amazing and I can only say inspiring, to read how these works of Crochet Art evolved.  One can only hope that one day some “eureka” moment will happen in one’s own little crochet world and another work of art will be created. 

Gwen has brought together these amazingly talented Crochet Artists in one book for us all to enjoy, so whether you are a Crochet Beginner or a Crochet Expert, you will not regret purchasing this book which I have been engrossed by, from the moment I read the first page.

Weekend Squares 264 & 265 are here:

And I also made time to organise my blankets!

Above - Treble Crochet in Colour Changing Rows / Ripples Blanket & Wool Stash Granny Square Blanket

Below:  Bavarian Crochet Blanket & Granny Square Motifs

Friday, 20 September 2013

The Crochet Queen has given a Regally Royal Book Review - Day 263

Gwen Blakey Kinsler aka The Crochet Queen & founder of the Crochet Guild of America, has very kindly reviewed the US version of my book
Crochet For Beginners who Want to Improve

You can read this wonderful review here

I feel very proud that someone as influential as Gwen has given me her time and my book this glowing report.
I thank you.

Now for more Crochet eLearning!

This young mans Dad "SB" signed up for my course the other day, so this cheeky chappy with the lovely smile decided that if his Dad could do it ....

Then so could he!

Just look at his GREAT double crochets!

He is my youngest pupil 

I think this Father & Son Team are going to hit the Crochet World with a bang - don't you?

Now for Crochet Class news

PB has finally finished her bunting.  YAY.

She took on board my suggestion of using ribbon to replace the normal Crochet Chain, however she improvised when she ran out of room, so she crochet "loop ends" - Great thinking.

And she added buttons too which really gives it a lift.

We then went on to the Crochet Sock pattern she's been following from my book

Her stitching is beautifully neat and consistent

And she always pays attention to detail

She "practiced" putting in the heel with not a lot of my help

And she's done a great job

She's taken it home to finish off the leg length and re - do the heel under her own steam.

Finally Day 263 - once again the yarn is thanks to Vicky Stott.