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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Review: Cosy Wool - the HOME of Vacuum Packed Wool.

Cosy Wool – The Home of Vacuum Packed Wool!

Cosy Wool are “THE HOME OF VACUUM PACKED WOOL”.   Based in Lancaster, they supply all your favourite wools and yarns, like Debbie Bliss & King Cole, but with a clever little difference!
Would you believe that they vacuum pack the wool or yarn before popping it the post!
All of the air is literally sucked out of the packing before they post it, to make delivery easy peasy.
You see, by doing this, you don’t have to worry that you won’t be home when the postman arrives.  You don’t have to ask a neighbour to keep a look out, you don’t even have to worry about what day it will arrive on, because, yes, you’ve guess it:  It will fit through your letterbox!

Once you open the envelope you find a little squished package inside, along with a very nice card from CosyWool.


As you can see, the package, having been vacuum packed is really, really thin!
But I guess you are thinking about the yarn, or in this case Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino wool, inside.
Me too.
How will affect the wool, will it spoil or ruin it, will it make it stay flat?
Well the answer is NO!
As soon you break the seal, all the air whooshes in and your wool ball puffs up!
All I did was squish the wool, which to be honest I would have done even if it hadn’t been vacuum packed, just to get it back into shape and to also have a sneaky feel of how lush it would be to work with.
 Wow, amazing! Just think, if you want to take some yarn on your holidays, this is the way to do it!  Vacuum packed yarn in your suitcase or rucksack – that’s the next best thing since sliced bread!
Also the packaging means that your wool won’t get wet in transit.  I once had a box of wool delivered that had an accident.  It was terribly sad as something had obviously fallen onto my box, tore through the cardboard and the flimsy plastic protecting my wool & then to add insult to injury, some of my yarn had a sticky goo all over it.  Not good!  I can’t imagine this happening with Cosy Wool’s packing as the plastic they use for the vacuum wrap is very tough, and you can get 7 balls of wool in one letter box friendly envelope!
You could actually keep it this small until you wanted to use it, no matter if you were going away or not!  Imagine your storage problems solved in one fair swoop!  This is your answer.  I reckon you could get 20 vacuum packed balls into the same place as one!

Well I must say, I’m sold.  As a crochet teacher and designer, I often need my wools and yarns super fast.  As a part time farmer, I can’t always be home in time for the post man, who to be honest, doesn’t run on a regular time, he runs on Dorset time in our village, so that could mean waiting in all day.  
This means that Cosy Wool has solved my problem!  I will never ever have to wait for a package again.  I can simply be with my calves and let the postie deliver my package through the door so that my wools and yarns will be at home waiting for a snuggle before I start my next commission or project.


All YOU need to do now, to experience this YARNY WOOLY life changer, is go to www.cosywool.co.uk to place your order and see how great this vacuum packaging will work for you!