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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Last day of Jan 2012 - Day 31 - Hearts, Class & a new project

I finished making the hearts in all the colours that I had available in StyleCraft Special DK, so 17 hearts in all. Now I have to decide what to do with them!

The next excitement of the day was a group of 2 Crochet Class.
Last week I taught L how to make a granny square
this was what she brought in for me today!
She has worked REALLY hard so her practice HAS made PERFECT

Today I taught her how to change colours in a Granny Square
Hasn't she done marvellously well?

Now this is from my other lady who had a problem starting several squares from the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks Book (see the Amazon poster in the top right if you want to order this fantastic book - my favourite!!) 
She did ever so well & with a little help she has conquered her "understanding that pattern" block that she seemed to have had since I saw her at her last lesson.


 I cheated today with GAD No. 31 as I made this in class as I was helping L to colour change.

I have also started another project or WIP

I rarely make clothes but I really like this pattern.  I will probably make it longer in the body (it starts at the yoke) so that it will be more of a beach cover over thingy topy thing (sorry) and I am using Cotton Tape by Rowan rather than the suggested DK cotton yarn but the Tension Gauge came up ok so I should be ok.

Well thank you January 2012 you've been eventful and I am so pleased that GAD 2012 has been so popular so far!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Day #30 - Lampshade Crochet Makeover & Crochet Hearts!

Do you remember this
"BORING" lamp shade in my Hobbies Room?

Well now it looks like this....

And this....

And this.....

And this...

And this....

And this...

And this!

I love it!

I found this blog today and I love that too!

I realised that some of her designs have been featured in Inside Crochet Magazine, so I dug out my copy
& I am going to make some multi colour Bunting.
Well I think that's what it will turn out to be - I might change my mind before it finishes - you know me.

The only alteration I made to the pattern (Issue 24 page 42 if you have your copy to hand) was to DC all the way around the edge once it said to fasten off.

Here are my little hearts being blocked

I am not sure that I have ever mentioned blocking before.  Have I?
It's very important to block and can make such a huge difference to the finished project.  The only thing I haven't blocked is my Granny A Day squares - why?  I don't know actually but I'm not.

Anyway here's what I do - I pin my crochet to a cheap cork pin board, spray with a water mister that I use on my house plants then in the winter I pop the board on my radiator and in the summer I leave my board sunbathing in the sunlight that streams through the windows to help "bake" them!
Everyone has a different method.
This one works for me.

Week 5 - No. 30 for Granny A Day 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 - Granny A Day & Lamp Shade Make Over

Yes, I have a boring shade in my Hobbies Room

So I borrowed my husbands I Pad and got some colours out

This is what I came up with....

And this is how they started

I used the yellows as centre's and added a new colour to each one

And edged each colour with an "Olive" green

And joined them as I went along

Some more coloured centres waiting to be joined

I will post a picture of the finished thing tomorrow.

This is Granny A Day 29 - My First Granny Square of Week 5

I spent the morning uploading all the Granny Square Weeks Squares to make a You Tube video of them all so if you want to take a look then just click on the Granny A Day page above!

Happy Hooking

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 GAD + New Granny Scarf

This is the new scarf I am making
It  has been inspired by:
A/ a scarf that I saw for sale in a Sunday Magazine that featured a VERY similar scarf for sale at £400!
I obviously have a lot more squares to add but these pictures will give you the general idea.

 Oh and I won't be charging £400 for it once its finished.

and B/ the fact that I am totally hooked on Granny Squares at the moment and just making one a day for Granny a Day is not feeding my addiction.

I really LOVE the black border - there will also be a black edging once I have enough squares made.

This is Granny A Day 28

And here are all 28!

I can't believe that WEEK 5 starts tomorrow!

Finally - remember the brooch that I told you that I had won from Good Girl Designs?

Well here it is on my black raincoat and it looks SUPER!
Shame it's not raincoat weather at the moment - I can't wait!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Granny-A-Day No. 27 - Wool Sale Bargains & Rainbow Blanket FINISHED!

Yes it's Wool Sale Day today
so I went with £20 One Pound Coins (to ensure I didn't go mad) and I bought...

4 balls of baby aran in black (which is like a decent DK)

Four balls of MatchMaker DK in Navy

4 balls of white 4ply (for another baby blanket that's due to start soon)

So I spent £12 and came home with £8 to be saved for the next sale on the 10th Feb 2012

This is GAD (Granny A Day) no. 27
Light Blue Centre
Lilac middle and
Chocolate Brown Edging

Now this is a label from the wool that I bought from the £1 shop in Croydon.
I was really impressed with it when I crocheted it into the Rainbow Blanket last night

And here it is
The Rainbow Blanket

Soon to be available for sale

Isn't it lovely?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Number 26 - Granny A Day + Poncho is Finished!

I won a prize!

Yes, I entered a "follow" giveaway on Twitter and I ended up winning this fantastic brooch

It's a shame that the photo doesn't do it justice - it's lovely with glitter thread going around from the edge in a spiral to the middle and with a blingy flower in the middle - it's going to look FAB on my black raincoat!

Take a look at her webpage here - Good Girl Designs

This is Granny A Day 26
It's got an orange centre
peach middle &
white edge and it looks lovely!

Only 340 to go!

Now for the Poncho.

I finished the edge with one row of "camel" in Granny Shells 
then a final row of the deep green in Double Crochet

Tah Dahhhhh!!! I can't wait to wear it.

Sorry, that's it for today folks!
Happy Hooking