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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day #14 - Crochet Day! YAY

I couldn't believe it today when I found that I had over 12,000 page views on this blog!
That's amazing so thank you to everyone that's had a look so far &
Feel FREE to pass on the link to all your friends!

Thank you also to my 63 followers - that's an achievement too.
If you want to follow this blog then click on the button that says "join this site" at the top left of the page and if you have a blog I will follow you back.

Once again thanks to VISTAPRINT (I love Vistaprint - they are always so helpful)
 I  now have a lovely bag which is ideal for a small project such as my WIP Baby Blanket

Look what I put on the front!

It's totally unique and I love it

Now for some sad news - Granny A Day #8 is now no longer

It was really bugging me - it was made from DK but it looked like the runt of the litter 
and even though it had other squares around 3 sides, I decided that it had to go as it would always catch my eye & before long it would be too late to take action

So I cut it out!!

Then I made another Day #8 Granny A Day and joined it into place

I then made Granny A Day #14 and popped that onto the end

Now I know that I have 3 WIP's on the go at the moment

The Giant Granny Square.....

The Baby Blanket ....

& the Granny A Day project

But I decided that I needed a change, so I have decided to make over my lounge Draught Excluder

It actually looks ok as it is and it serves it's purpose well, but it does look a little boring

So I have made a start on a cover for it using 2 balls (at the same time) of DK (because it's more like 4 ply) and a 5mm hook.

As you can see, there is a colour mix of Brown, Black, Beige & White

And these colours will compliment my lounge perfectly.

I will let you know when it's finished.


You can still join in the Granny A Day 2012 project - it's not too late!


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