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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Days 333 & 334

I thought I would give Word Press blogging a try out

Please click here

And let me know what you think

I think I might stick with Blogger!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Crochet: Newsletter, Blog, Square a day & Class News

Did you miss out on my latest newsletter?

Oh no - well here it is:

Winter 2013
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My newsletters will be published quarterly with lots of Crochet News.

Talking about Crochet News, I have some more!

I will be so busy in 2014 that I will have to take a break from blogging most days, as I do try to do now.  I will therefore be blogging about all things crochet once a week.

I may stay on here - Blogger - or I may switch over to my WordPress site www.gethookedoncrochet.co.uk but that decision has not been made yet.


I am also currently thinking ahead to my "Daily" project for 2014.

In 2012 I made a 7 row granny square a day - some were plain squares and others more commemorative

It was an exciting year as I moved to Dorset + there was the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & the Olympic Games too!

2013 had to be different

So I chose to make a more uniformed blanket

With yellow centers, white edges & any colour 2nd rows.
The 2nd row colours have been more of a challenge as I would liked to have made a different colour for each day.  With the help of my Twitter Friends this has become more achievable so I have called this my "Twitter Blanket"

In 2014 I a thinking "Triangles" but that's as far as it's got so far.


Yesterday evenings' class was so much fun.

Sadly it was the 4th workshop and the last of the beginners classes so it was very sad to see them all leave, however some will be coming back for more!!

Just look at their FAB Granny Squares
They learnt to JAYgo & make colour changes too!

One budding crochet lady even made herself a hat in the week

I am so proud of them all

This mornings "Next Step" class was also the last of 4

This group of lovely ladies are up to all sorts including this!!!!

Yes she's used a safety pin instead of a stitch marker!!

It made me laugh when EK shrieked "OH!! You're using a safety pin"  I taught her well.

So CF decided she would like to learn Broomstick Crochet - we improvised with a 20mm Crochet Hook & it worked!!

She's made a jolly good job of her 1st attempt

EK followed a pattern from here newly acquired book & she made bobbles for the very first time!

 SC is making a hat for her husband as he likes his Beanie Hats

And SR made pom poms to add to here amazing popcorn blanket

Aren't the colours just wonderful together?

Love the Pom Pom

I will catch up on Squares A Day tomorrow

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 331 - SparrowUK Workshop & Woolly Facts!

As today's class was "how to make Granny Squares"

I took along a little inspiration

The owner of Sparrow UK, Sarah, has always wanted to make Granny Squares & here she is with her very first one!

The others, fueled by Gluten Free Tea Cake & Coffee were also very busy making theirs.

With a little stitch marker help

And some help from my book too
As there is a symbols chart pattern in there to follow

Left handed Granny Square above

And the Class below

All with Happy Smiley Faces, so much so that they all want to come back for "The Next Step" workshop in January!


If you would like to join in a "Beginners" or "Next Step" Crochet Class in Shaftesbury, Dorset in the New Year then please contact Sarah on 
01747 858515 between 9-30am – 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Interesting Facts:

I looked up the word "Yarn" on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yarn earlier today and this is what I found:

Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres, suitable for use in the production of textilessewingcrochetingknittingweavingembroidery, and ropemaking.[1] Thread is a type of yarn intended for sewing by hand or machine. Modern manufactured sewing threads may be finished with wax or other lubricants to withstand the stresses involved in sewing.[2] Embroidery threads are yarns specifically designed for hand or machine embroidery.

The best bit is the fact that they mention Crochet before Knitting!

Also, as "Spinster" is a woman who spins.  In Tudor times, this job was often carried out by young, unmarried females, hence the term "Spinster" used today - an unmarried female.

& finally:

Have you heard the expression "On Tenterhooks" used when someone is nervy or tensed up?  
Well Tenterhooks were used on a frame to stretch a piece of cloth made from wool into shape & to prevent it from shrinking!
I got these last two "facts" from watching Tudor Monastery Farming on BBC2

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Days 329 & 330 Granny Square Magic!

Today's class was the last class of the Beginners 4 week workshop

After learning to work in rows & rounds, they progressed to Granny Squares &
Colour Changes too!

Aren't they just brilliant?

Perfect Granny Squares

And the good news is that they all want to come back for "The Next Step" workshop in 2014 where they will learn lots more like:
Increasing & Decreasing
Raised stitches
Granny Triangles, Rectangles, Hexagons
Join as you Go
New stitches like popcorn, clusters & spikes (only a few as there are so many to mention)
and lots, lots more

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Squares 325, 326, 327 & 328 + Filofax Cosy & Warm Heart Crochet

After a very hectic week, I have finally managed to catch up with the squares that have been missing from my Twitter Blanket!



One of the reasons that I was hectic is because I had a commission via ETSY for my Filofax Cosy

& here it is

If you would like a FAB cover for your Filofax / Personal Organiser then click here https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/170271926/crochet-granny-square-filofax-cosy?

And finally
Warm Heart Crochet

Please show your Crochet Support by making a square!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Day 326 - Inside Crochet Talent!

Drum roll please!

I have been called "talented" by Inside Crochet. 

Also - Fellow designers: Vicki Brown used the words "Amazing"  Rohn Strong "Darn Talented" and Lululoves "Gorgeous"

Twitter reads as follows:

Inside Crochet @InsideCrochet
Spoiler alert! This piece is from issue 48 and is designed by the talented @CrochetAli Any guesses as to what it could be?...
 (they forgot the link!....)

Inside Crochet @InsideCrochet
This piece from issue 48 is by @CrochetAli Any guesses what it is? ow.ly/i/3MstC

Inside Crochet @InsideCrochet
Many of you guessed correctly! This morning's issue 48 preview is of Ali Campbell's Rainbow Jumper. ow.ly/i/3MAYd

And then I received Twitter comments from FELLOW CROCHET DESIGNERS!!

VickiBrown @VickiBrown
@CrochetAli @InsideCrochet your jumper in this issue looks AMAZING, cannot wait to get my copy

 @CrochetAli @InsideCrochet It's gorgeous Ali, j
ust the thing to brighten up these grey days x

Rohn Strong @rohnstrong
@CrochetAli @VickiBrown @InsideCrochet Both of y'all are so darn talented! It humbles me to be in an issue with you!

Images are courtesy & copyright of TailorMade Publishing

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Days 324 & 325 - Lots of Class News & More!

Don't you just love the colours in this wool stash

Brought in by the "sisters"

Who are working on changing colours in the round

In Sparrow UK on Wednesday morning, we revisited the basic stitches, working in rows & then progressed to working in rounds

Next week is Granny Squares!

On Wednesday Evening, because they had all successfully worked on their rounds

We made Granny Squares!

And didn't they all do well

Especially as I made them

Read the pattern for themselves

with a little help!

I then made them start over, with less help

So that they can go home 

And practice without me

Look at all those lovely smiles!!

Thursday Mornings' class

This is Elaine who is proudly wearing her new cardigan

New because she crocheted the edge

And has transformed it totally!!

Carol brought in her blanket

Isn't this amazing!

And Sarah her Bobble Blanket


And Margaret is persevering with her lace pattern

Phew!  It's been a busy workshop week.



My good friend & fellow Crocheter from the US - SARA DUGGAN aka Momwithahook is about to launch her new book

"Yes you CAN create Crochet Patterns"

If you'd like a chance to win a copy then here is the rafflecopter code: 

The giveaway starts 
November 19th 2013
at 2400 (12Midnight) PST (california, usa) 
 ends Friday November 22 at 2400. 

10 copies of the book - so 10 winners.

My latest newsletter has just been published - if you'd like to take a look then click HERE

And here are the 4 squares, well started anyway, for this week so far