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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Crochet: Newsletter, Blog, Square a day & Class News

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Talking about Crochet News, I have some more!

I will be so busy in 2014 that I will have to take a break from blogging most days, as I do try to do now.  I will therefore be blogging about all things crochet once a week.

I may stay on here - Blogger - or I may switch over to my WordPress site www.gethookedoncrochet.co.uk but that decision has not been made yet.


I am also currently thinking ahead to my "Daily" project for 2014.

In 2012 I made a 7 row granny square a day - some were plain squares and others more commemorative

It was an exciting year as I moved to Dorset + there was the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & the Olympic Games too!

2013 had to be different

So I chose to make a more uniformed blanket

With yellow centers, white edges & any colour 2nd rows.
The 2nd row colours have been more of a challenge as I would liked to have made a different colour for each day.  With the help of my Twitter Friends this has become more achievable so I have called this my "Twitter Blanket"

In 2014 I a thinking "Triangles" but that's as far as it's got so far.


Yesterday evenings' class was so much fun.

Sadly it was the 4th workshop and the last of the beginners classes so it was very sad to see them all leave, however some will be coming back for more!!

Just look at their FAB Granny Squares
They learnt to JAYgo & make colour changes too!

One budding crochet lady even made herself a hat in the week

I am so proud of them all

This mornings "Next Step" class was also the last of 4

This group of lovely ladies are up to all sorts including this!!!!

Yes she's used a safety pin instead of a stitch marker!!

It made me laugh when EK shrieked "OH!! You're using a safety pin"  I taught her well.

So CF decided she would like to learn Broomstick Crochet - we improvised with a 20mm Crochet Hook & it worked!!

She's made a jolly good job of her 1st attempt

EK followed a pattern from here newly acquired book & she made bobbles for the very first time!

 SC is making a hat for her husband as he likes his Beanie Hats

And SR made pom poms to add to here amazing popcorn blanket

Aren't the colours just wonderful together?

Love the Pom Pom

I will catch up on Squares A Day tomorrow

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  1. I deleted both of my blogs on blogger and couldn't be happier with WP....it is more adult!


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