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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fantastic Crochet Workshops - Antique Crochet Hooks & Days 310 & 311

This is Wednesday Evenings Workshop
& what a giggle we had!
There was N & her sister J with Granny A + Friend A
Then JC (who was the giggler) with Friend W
We did have a hoot along with making a foundation chain (some of them very long) along with starting to work in straight rows in Double Crochet!

They have now gone away with homework so check back here next week to see how they have all got on!

Thursday Mornings workshop are lovely Crochet Ladies who have already taken "The Basics" course.

Today we all made Mini Christmas Stockings
here they all are concentrating hard

Two of these lovely ladies EK & CF came bearing gifts!

One is a Victorian Double Ended Crochet Hook sometimes called a "crook" or a "cro - hook"
This one has 2 different sized hooks either end so I believe it was used to save purchasing two single hooks of different sizes or maybe it was used for when a lady was travelling and maybe crocheting on a steam train or an ocean going boat? 

The metal one is marked as "EVELYNE" 3.5 patent 5091/1911
You pull it apart & then re insert the end into the square "tube" to make the handle!

Aren't these two pieces amazing!
I feel very touched to have received these two wonderful gifts today.

As I already have some antique crochet pieces I might start a miniature Crochet Museum!

And finally

310 & 311 

In the making

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  1. looking forward to seeing the crochet museum growing! I loved the stitch counter too.


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