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Friday, 28 March 2014

Hook Tastic - Week 12

Wow what a week it's been!

It all started with the Vintage Fair on Monday which was a FAB day

Here's my "Crochet" table all set up and ready to go!  I had oodles of people stopping by to learn some basics, or to learn a new stitch or to simply admire my work!  

I took a basket of wool with me to work on my Triangle Blanket....

I spent some time on Sunday night, calculating the amount of wool I would need for each triangle & I sorted out all these lovely colours to add in, however, and yes you've probably guessed it, I didn't manage to add one!!

Have a read of this fantastic review here.....
Online report re: vintage fair

I also came across this on the net - it applies to Crochet too!

Knitting Is Healthy for Your Brain

And while I am at it, why not try out one of my free patterns 
Get a Mandala in your life!

If you didn't get my newsletter that went out earlier this week, then here's the link.  Please "subscribe" so that you don't miss out on further issues

My best find at the Vintage Fair was this lovely Dewhurt's "Sylko" thread box

Now I can have lots of fun finding the wooden reels to go in it!

On Wednesday I took the last of the beginners classes at Sparrow in Shaftesbury.  The best thing about that class was that Joan finally cracked "Working in the Round"


I burnt my finger - it's the left hands' index finger, the one the wool tends to go over a lot so I have had to tape it up to protect is and stop me screaming.

It has slowed down production!

My class on Wednesday Night was GREAT! Look at how messy we got!

Another Vintage Fair find by one of my pupils who's hooked on fine lace crochet edgings

And CF's blanket is growing!

Isn't it to die for?

Tickets are selling fast - are you coming??

Friday, 21 March 2014

Twitter Bird is Trending - Week 11

I have been teaching my pupils how to make Twitter Birds this week - they have all loved it & this is their production rate so far.....

BP has made this lovely Duck Egg Blue Bird with mad hair

SC has made "Mohican" Chick

This is my Rainbow Bird WIP

In the making....

And ML has made this Twitter Bird who looks as though he's going to pick a fight!!
Ahhhhh bless

So this is how it all started - Twitter Bird on the right is now in transit to become the #dorsethour mascot

If you would like to hook one too then here's the link to the pattern....http://macscrochet.blogspot.co.uk/p/for-sale.html

In other classroom news

I took 6 workshops this week!  Some Beginners & some were Improvers.

The good news is that both Beginners class pupils have asked to come back for more, so that's another 4 weeks workshop that they will be taking "The Next Step" course.

S & E made these hearts, putting 2 together with some stuffing they have turned out beautifully

CF has finished the blanket that started with 1 square last September

Every Square is a different colour & a different pattern!

BP is making a cushion cover.  Her stitch work is perfect.

And SC has finished her Baby Cardigan which she said she would put away for her 1st grand child - it could be 10 years away but this design is a "classic" and will never go out of baby fashion!!

CF has started this wonderful blanket, an idea / inspiration she got off the net via littlewoolie.blogspot.co.uk 

And this is my wavy rainbow blanket

I also taught a Sparrow UK today & was presented with these love flowers by Hilary of Eliza James Flowers https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eliza-James-Flowers/446981595376571  I must be doing something right!

My work "station"

This is a typical scenario of what it looks like from my point of view!!

And I am so looking forward to the Vintage at the Village Hall on Monday 24th at the Corn Exchange, Blandford from 10am 

It's been a busy week for me, apart from my lessons, I have been completing commissions to meet deadlines & I am happy to say that I am now on track!

I got my copy of The Complete Guide to Crochet yesterday - did you get yours.  FAB patterns and they have been kind enough to included my book "Crochet for beginners who want to Improve" on their Books we Love section!

You know I like to crochet in colour right? Well here are my new welly boots

An early mothers day present from my dog Scrumpy as my old Hunters had splits in both soles.  They are FAB

Ok to get back on track....

I am up to date with both Inside Crochet & Make and Craft magazines

So I am now free to design my very first commission for Lets Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet  How very exciting to be contributing my designs to another great magazine!

More next week hookers!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Hookalicious - With Guest Star Twitter Bird - Week 10

I got an email from Make & Craft Magazine.....

"We absolutely love all the things you make. Everything is always a big hit. Your designs are super duper. "

isn't that just amazing feedback to have?


Look what I found!!

Aren't these just the cutest little charms you have ever seen??

And these too

Go to my **Crochet Tab** Shop - only £1 for 4 (plus P&P)

And now for my week of Crochet....

I have entered the Deramores Blog Awards 2014 
so wish me luck!
p.s. do take a look as there's a FREE pattern on there for you to hook!!!!


However as much as I love designing and seeing my name in print, I love to teach the best of all....

....and you'll see why.....

Here's a baby cardigan made buy BP who only took a 4 week beginners workshop last November!

She is also making this lovely cushion from the Crochet Workshop book

AND she's hooking this basket weave piece!  She doesn't know if it will be a scarf or a blanket yet!!

PD has made this lovely bolster cushion.  A design by the lovely talented Tracey Todhunter in a recent issue of Inside Crochet Magazine

She's also hooking this Granny Stripe Blanket!

GW is making a fox purse - I love her choice of nose! Perfect, just perfect.

FM has crocheted these lovely "African Flowers" The colours are just superb

And OE has made these "Summer Fruits"

I can't believe that GW, FM & OE only learnt to crochet last month!

The Pom Hat by SB is taking shape & the clever CF has added Bavarian Crochet to edge a Granny Square Cushion!

I bought this skein of wool from Handmade Studios

Isn't it delicious!

 And in class I tested out my new "machine"

 And wound it into a lovely ball using my Wool "thingy" & my wool winder - a perfect combination.

With all this hard work it's a wonder that I can keep up to date with my Triangle A Day blanket, but I am just about managing!!

However the most fun I had this week was creating 


Yes Twitter Bird was a "commission" from a Twitter friend, so I created this!

Then Twitter Bird had a bit of fun....

He went to Crochet Class

 And learnt how to Crochet

And helped to make a friend "Curly Tweet"

Then he needed a rest

Here's a "cousin" WIP 

And Twitter Bird enjoying some "Twitter Fame"

And his Cousin is now finished and in 5 star luxury in Swanage

Ta Dah!