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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 299 & 300 - Giveaway Reminder!!

Did you catch the great news the other day?

Wink is hosting a book review & a GIVEAWAY of my book

Crochet For Beginners who want to Improve over on her website
Just click on this link

And leave a comment to be in with a chance to win either the UK or the US version - there's still time!!


This weekend I have been lucky enough to take 6 bookings for my November workshops, so that means Wednesday Evening are full booked & Tuesday mornings have only 2 places left.  I also have a "Next Step"workshop running on Thursdays which is being filled with ladies from my previous beginners courses in September & October.


My last lesson for last week was with Mum & Daughter

I really enjoyed teaching them both

This is B the Daughter

And this is S the Mum

In the 2 hour workshop that flew by, they learnt the basics of a Foundation Chain, Double Crochet, Half Trebles & the much needed Trebles for the Granny Squares that they want to make
& didn't they do fantastically well!! 

With great stitch work and nice STRAIGHT edges thanks to my crocheters best friend - The Stitch Marker!

So that workshop was a great way to end the week & to start my WEEK OFF!

Yes I am taking all of next week off so I will be free from teaching, however, with the recent demand, I won't be free from organising workshops for 2014 as I am already adding names to a growing list!

I have found time to start working on a hat designed by the lovely Claire Montgomerie.

It's a slouchy beanie that is started from the brim up.  I have to confess here that I have never worked a hat from the brim up before & I am really enjoying it.

If you want to make this hat too, then buy Inside Crochet Issue 47 or go to 
www.insidecrochet.co.uk to get the digi version

I have also made Squares 299 & 300 for my Twitter blanket which is keeping more warm as I Join As I Go!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 298 - Inside Crochet Issue 47 - Bavarian Crochet Tuition

Yes the latest Issue of Inside Crochet Magazine is out today

And you will find 2, yes 2 of my patterns available fro your Crochet Hook

 Triangle Scarf

Image courtesy & (c) of Inside Crochet Magazine / Tailor Made Publishing


My Candy Stripe Christmas Stocking

If you can't find a copy of this FAB mag in the shops then  you can get a digi version by visiting the website here http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk/

Today I was teaching Bavarian Crochet & it was fun.

The lady I was teaching was 85 and very sprightly with her Crochet, so it was an absolutely pleasurable 2 hours

She brought along this Crochet Stitches book which she's had for 50 years!

I would love to find a copy

So back to Bavarian Crochet - Here's one I made earlier...

And here's W working away at her creation

And look at her brilliant result!

I have translated a pattern to UK from a few US versions that I have found over the years either online or in books.  I like to "improve" a pattern if I think it's needed, however small the change may be.  In this case I have added a sl st here & deleted a dc there - it could have been "errata"

This is how you start it

And then you do this...

And this...

And this...!

Until you do this....

....which gives you that "Bavarian Crochet Look"

I have found making Bavarian Crochet so therapeutic today that I did some more!

and finally - Square 298!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wink Book Review & Giveaway + Crochet Classroom News - Day 297

The lovely Wink has very kindly reviewed my book

Here are just a few of her kind words....
  • The book is full of fun projects to make
  •  is really great and is filled to the brim with tips for crocheters of any level, from beginners to advanced crocheters
  • pleasantly surprised with the projects in this book; there’s something new to learn here for everyone!
  • must-have on my list.

But do click on the link below to read more 
& to enter the FREE GIVEAWAY!

Now for Crochet Classroom  News

These are just SOME of the photo's that I took this morning of crochet pieces that my lovely pupils brought with them for their last of the "The Next Step" Workshop today

I love this Dorset Button in the middle of the heart that R learnt to make last week

And she also made this snowflake by following a pattern in a magazine 

D brought in another heart that she'd made

And SC made this! 
I love the colours she's used

D made another Heart with a lovely purple fluffy trim

And today they made Granny Triangles & Rectangles

And to think that 8 weeks ago they couldn't hold a crochet hook & wool correctly, let alone create these lovely pieces!!

I am going to miss you all & hope to see you again very very soon for "The Finishing Touches" workshop & more

I also got some lovely post today from a "Beginner" that completed her workshop last Tuesday

Isn't that so lovely of her?


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Days 295 & 296 - Busy me!

I was so busy with 2 lots of 2 hour workshops yesterday that I didn't have time to either make my Square A Day or Blog for that matter.

So I am going to catch up with it all for you now

In yesterdays evening class we made Granny Square to Join As You Go

With great results

And we did Colour Changes too!

With lovely results

My morning workshop ladies, who had their final class today

Which was very sad

Above is how organised one lady is with all her swatches & patterns neatly placed in a folder - a good start to Crochet work

We did loads that morning

As you can see they brought in loads of their previous homework for them to try out joining methods & colour changes too!

They've bought my book & some of them have even signed up for my online course so that they can continue to practice until they can return for their "Next Step Workshop"

Here is a perfect example of Join as You Go

Well done to you all

Monday, 21 October 2013

294 Yarn Bombing & more!

Someone put this photo on Twitter earlier
Wow what a bus!

I finally got around to finishing my socks today

And I got my husband to "model" them

With his size 7 feet

Which is why they look a little "stretched"

But still great all the same!

If you want to learn to Crochet Socks too, then I have a great  pattern in my book

UK Version

US Version
Both available on AMAZON

Finally here is Day 294