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Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 277 - Tension Swatches = The Importance Element

My Class today was a class for 1 with the lovely KPK

She's been making this "hoopla" basket for her friend & brought it back to class to finish it off with a crab stitch edging

It looks GREAT!!

KPK has been itching to make a little garment for ages, so she chose a pattern from Inside Crochet Issue 45 & bought the aran wool.

She was about to get going when I told her
"oh no, no, no, no, no...."

You HAVE to do a tension swatch first.

I could see the melancholy look on her face, but facts are facts - if you don't do a swatch first then you risk wasting a lot of time & time is valuable!

So she got to work & guess what?

She's glad she did!

Her swatch only measured 3.5 inches & not the suggested 4

I thought that I'd better check it out in case of a miss print, so I made just one row....
to double check...
and it's fine.....

However the determined KPK went home and straight away she's sent me this photo

Embedded image permalink

Day 277 & that's 5 days of 5 crochet workshops / classes so far this week

Tomorrow I am teaching in Cotton Moon in Blandford!

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