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Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 Triangle Crochet Make a Blanket

Are you going to join in the Crochet Fun in 2014?

All that you need to know is here:

PLUS  you can also join in the Facebook fun here

How fantastic is that?

This is the idea of the 2014 Blanket

And this picture is from Elaine, one of my pupils who kindly emailed me with her Crochet Squares (note to self: remember to reply to Elaine!)
Aren't the colours just FAB?
Please send me another picture if you have made more Elaine 

I have spent my free time making more socks - as you may have guessed by now, Crochet Socks are my favourite things to make for myself

These are from a pattern by Vicki Brown Designs

"Mulled Wine"

I didn't use the yarn "Mulled Wine" as suggested as I had this sock yarn to hand, however I think they have turned out very "festive" with the colour combination used in the yarn itself.

My husband loved his socks, which I presented to him as one of his Birthday Presents - these were a design by Rohn Strong in Inside Crochet Magazine

And I also made this pair by Claire Montgomerie which was from a pattern in Inside Crochet Issue 45

The rest of the time I have spent designing pieces for books and magazines & eating Gluten Free Christmas Pudding!

This one was made by Christine's Puddings 

I will be back in the New Year & hope that you can join me for the 2014 Make a Blanket

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Crochet Christmas!

Here it is!

The Twitter Blanket

Square a Day Challenge for 2013

Is finished - Hope you like the border

Which I love!

And as you can see

Scrumpy likes it too 

Will you be joining in the 2014 Blanket Make?

I am thinking Triangles!

I am going to do a JAYGo
but you can make them individually & join later!

Any finally - have you got your latest copy of Inside Crochet yet?

Issue 49 is here & my Crochet Valentines Heart Garland is on the front cover!!

They are 3 dimensional & they twirl around so you can see all 3 colours used to make each heart!

And there's also my "Bag of Colour" in this issue too!

I love this bag and so glad that I have it back - I can't wait to start using it.

 All images are copyright of Tailormade Publishing / Inside Crochet


Merry Crochet Christmas everyone


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Twitter Blanket - the final days!

Due to the festive season and the festivities that one has to partake of at this time of year, I got round to making the final 9 squares for my Twitter blanket yesterday & here's how it went....

I have now joined all 9 squares to the blanket & have started work on the border - so far so good.

In other news:

I went onto Google today to search for something & this is what I found:

Google is Knitting - shame it's not Crochet but its WOOLLY!!

I seem to have got around 500 new followers on my Facebook page over the last couple of days.  Could it have been from being on Ravelry "Hot Right Now" the other day??

Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Hot Right Now" on Ravelry!!!

Yesterday my Rainbow Jumper that is in Inside Crochet Magazine Issue 48, hit the Ravelry "whats hot" page
As you can see below it's 9th in line

Today it's move up in the ranks to 5th place!

How exciting!

Today is Day 353 of the current year
Only a few more squares (another 9) to add to my Twitter blanket before I get started on the border, so another exciting Crochet Time.

I have decided to make JAYgo (join as you go) Granny Triangles for my 2014 blanket - want to join me??

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Crochet Sock - Tastic! Days 347 to 349

In the last year I have fallen in love with making Crochet Socks

Not in any particular order.....

These men's socks I made "blind" only having the shoe size & notes of a wide fitting

I got my husband to try them on over his socks for an idea of fit as I normally try my socks on as I crochet for a bespoke fit

 These I made with dk & made the pattern up as I went along from the knowledge I had gleaned from making previous pairs

I love the way they turned out & are so comfy too

These are made with Regia Sock yarn

And these are from my book 

They are the perfect pair for a beginner to make

One of my favourite pairs I made are these

I am wearing them today in fact & they are over 18 months old now and still wearing well

Another pair but made with Noro Sock yarn, which is great for socks

Christmas inspired me to make lots of mini Christmas Stockings, a pattern of my own design

Another pair made with Regia that I wear regularly

So comfy

And easy to wash & dry!

Hubby's Socks - yes he finally has a pair, well sort of as I am saving them for his birthday

And more cosy socks from my book which I wear to bed or in my wellies
(not the same pair!!)

My sock mania has worn off on some of my pupils....

PD made this Christmas Stocking 


KPK these socks below

These socks have been finished!

My notes as I design

Noro socks in the sun room

undefined -

And now for my latest pair by Claire Montgomerie
in Inside Crochet Magazine Issue 45

I added a ribbing to the top for practical reasons (welly or ugg boots which I tend to live in)
however I loved the frilly top, so I added that in afterwards

These are my favourite pair so far!

And now I have more to make as I have bought a pattern from:

Vicki Brown Designs

Last but not least are 3 squares to bring my Twitter blanket up to date