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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Crochet in Dorset with Radio Chat on You Tubers! Week 15

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Did you know that I have 9, yes 9 You Tube videos to help you to learn to Crochet?

Why not try my first one - there are versions for left handers too!!

And to top it all I had a call from a lovely lady at BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday evening, asking me if I would go on the programme the following morning!! Of course I said yes & was live on the Radio to the Nation talking about my You Tube Videos!

Now for my week of Crochet Classes.....

I taught my "Improvers" class Broomstick Crochet.

Due to a lack of broomsticks in my house (they are all in repair LOL!)
I had to improvise & we used large white board markers instead!

Isn't it pretty?  There are more photo's at the end

On one of my dog walks I couldn't resist "snapping" these pretty flowers in the fields & woodland

This is AR who comes to the Shaftesbury workshops held at Sparrow UK

She made an Easter "Bonnet"

Some fantastic colours are about to be added to this already wonderful Bavarian Crochet blanket WIP 

Inside Crochet Issue 53 arrived on Thursday- It's  a wonderful issue (as always) with one of my patterns in it!

One of my crochet ladies is making my Pom Hat which was in Inside Crochet Issue 45

And this is a wonderful doggy blanket

A baby cardigan was completed for homework with the addition of a lovely flower button closure!

Learning to work in the round & following a pattern 

More rows have been added to this SUPERB blanket

Now just feast your eyes on this lot - lots of lovely choccy treats with our tea & coffee thanks to Sarah the owner of Sparrow UK who bakes Gluten Free especially for me.

Another Baby Cardigan with lots of lovely flowers!

Also in Issue 53 of Inside Crochet Magazine is my interview so be sure to buy a copy to read all about it! 

Last but not least is Broomstick Crochet - they all loved learning this new technique!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Hooky Creativeness Continues in Dorset - Week 14

I can't begin to tell you how PROUD I am of all my pupils.

At the beginning of the week I look at my schedule to double check on what classes I have on what days & to make sure that I have everything prepared  & ready for the needs of that workshop.

The best bit however is the magical time when my pupils arrive & open their craft bags (which get bigger with each visit) and out comes their Crochet Creations......

Just look at these fantastic Granny Squares

In class we learnt to Join as you Go or JAYGO as well as making a start on the "Loren Jumper" which is a pattern in a recent Inside Crochet Magazine.  This will be the first garment these ladies will have crocheted.

In the next class we made "Rosettes"

And in another - hearts

BP sent me in this photo of her Bavarian Crochet - she learnt this in an all day workshop that I held last Saturday

When I got a bit of free time to myself, I created this jam jar cover for a magazine

However I killed two birds with one stone as I got my next class to "Tech Edit" the pattern for me just in case there were any mistakes!!

Now for my Shaftesbury Class thanks to 
Sparrow UK

Here they all are, hooking & chatting!

And making garlands - pretty garlands

One of my pupils brought her daughter along, due to the school holidays & she made this lovely flower

With a French Knitting Doll

Isn't that just great?

AR conquered her fear of Chevrons!


And now for my "Highlight of the Week" thanks to AR

 *sending more crochet hugs and crochet love your way*

AR made me this fantastic new Crochet Hook Set & Accessories Bag

Not only is it lined

But it has pretty buttons

Is very colourful (the best way!!)

And lovely and BIG (just what I need)

The best bit is that it's also got 2 sections so I can separate my hooks from my accessories!

Isn't it just perfect! 

If you would like one of these too then let me know & I will pass on your order to AR!

Some LARGE crochet hooks


Last but not least is this wonderful Crochet Ring by SD 

I love it so much that I prompts me to make something with the ring I bought before Christmas!

Friday, 4 April 2014

A week of new Hooky Creativity! Week 13

This week has seen the  beginning of a good few "Improvers" workshops- 4 in fact, along with some new private classes

That's a whole load of hookiness going on !

At Sparrow UK in Shaftesbury this is how creative one lady got - she used the middle of her flower as a button hole!

On Tuesday night I was presented with this gorgeous granny square - love the colours & to think that LS couldn't crochet 4 weeks ago!

GW has completed her Fox Purse which is FABBBBBB!

And back to Shaftesbury for this delight

Which is beautifully lined in the most adorable fabric 

Here, back at Crochet HQ we have synchronized crochet granny squares going on by a left handed and a right handed pupil who realised that they were at exactly the same stage!

And are selling well - adorable and will make your work look professional!

We are now springing back to Shaftesbury where these lovely daisy's are taking shape

And this cowl is beautifully finished and the maker even adjusted the design slightly to suit her needs!!
Well done you.

A little mouse with flower buttons for eyes

Practising changing colour in a granny square - I promise you that I did not make this!

A lovely chevrom blanket

And here's the maker of the chevron blanket wearing a warming cowl that she designed and finished with buttons for that extra special touch.

More Granny Squares

And a wonderful flower by GW which she has made as a gift.

Back to the talent in Shaftesbury where VW has started this Paint Pot blanket for her Granddaughter
I want one too!!

And the talented AR has made amongst other things, this wonderful iPad case

She made it all so well that I have commissioned her to make me a crochet hook case - a large one!

More Granny Squares in the making

And this lovely creation is another from VW

Now back to HQ - ML sent me in these lovely photos of her Easter Bunny

Isn't he adorable?

last but not least is Sparkly Chic

By OE which is amazing!

That's all from me this week folks.  I am absolutely poooooped & I need to recoup as I have a full day Bavarian Crochet Day tomorrow.