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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stitch Away Stress - special blog post issue

Hi everyone,

This blog post is a special
Stitch Away Stress Issue

I am a great believer in how therapeutic crafting can be & I'll tell you why.

In the Tsunami of 2004, I was on honeymoon in Phuket & got caught up in all the panic, shock & of course - Sea in Tsunami mode.

To cut a  long story short, something hit my ankle when I was knee deep in sea water.  I will never know what the item was, but I now have a neuroma on my nerve as it damaged my nerve just above my right ankle.

On coming home, various tests were done, but it took 3 years until I had my first operation.  They cut the damaged nerve and buried the ending into my bone.  This operation lasted 6 years.

Unfortunately it "popped out" so I had to have another op in 2013.  This time they buried the damaged nerver into my muscle.  This op lasted 6 months & I am now on the waiting list for a third time lucky op this summer.

The moral of this story is that distraction can help with pain and stress.

At a recent pain clinic I learnt what I already knew.  Distractions can focus your mind on something other than your pain or stress.

I am on more tablets a day than I care to take, but I have the "If I do nothing I am in pain, if I do something I am in pain" attitude, so I do as much as I can without being silly & getting to the exrutiating pain stage.

Needless to say my Crochet helps me a lot.

So crafting is not only a distraction - it's creative too!

More at the end of the post so carry on reading.

Just look at what one of my classes made the other week.....

It was a simply lesson in pattern reading & increasing / decreasing.

However they all went home with a lovely heart

The results from my sock workshop at Sparrow UK speak for themselves

One pupil chose to make a plain top on a mono colour pair

And another added a scalloped edge to her pink & blue socks

The sizes range from UK 2 to UK 6 !

This is a photo of my Crochet on the Go.  I was a passenger in my husbands car on a long journey, so I took my Hexagon a day blanket alont with me & worked around 10 hexi's

My lovely owly pupil AR has gone Teddy Mad.  Remember my last blog post where one class made teddies together?  Well AR has made a few more.

So Cute and Adorable

The photo's here are not very good, so apologies in advance and my thanks to hubby for holding this up for the photo session!

I have made my Great Nephew to be an Elephant Mobile

Its from a pattern by Robyn Chachula

So Cute

And now for the good bit!

When Life give you Lemons......

#stitchstressaway and 3 lemons
Please click on the picture to be taken to the Craft Council website
It has both a crochet & knitting pattern for these FAB stress busting lemons.

A Few Fun Facts 
·  85% of 3,100+ people recently surveyed by CYC reported reduced stress from knitting    
   and crochet
·  90% of 4,000+ people recently surveyed by Wool and the Gang reported decreased 
   anxiety from knitting
·  Needlecrafting is recognized by major news outlets like Yahoo! as an effective alternative

   therapy to prescription drugs

How these crafts can improve your mood, mind and body

Hope you have a stress free week!

Happy Hooking x

Monday, 23 March 2015

What's been hooked in classes....

At Sparrow UK in Shaftesbury, we decided to make teddy bears

We all followed exactly the same pattern

By Nicki Trench

From her book Cute & Easy Crochet

Some of us used DK & others Chunky

But as you can see they all turned out beautifully & uniquely!

Click on photo to order!

Also at Sparrow UK

I taught a sock workshop last Saturday

And as you can see, so far so good!

Bespoke fit

Size 2 UK & Size 6 UK !!

I went to a garden centre the other week & I saw a stand of paper napkins.

I was in need of some as I had totally run out the night before.  I was looking for duck ones, as we are about to get some Indian Runner Ducks, but this is what I found instead

Yes, Granny Square ones

Back to Shaftesbury & a colourful bag that one of my pupils made

Now we go to my classroom in Shillingstone to see the flower buttons that pupils made

And here's what another pupil made after only one beginners class

Another of my pupils showing her expertise after only 2 lessons

And finally this is my Scrappy

I made him along with my Shaftesbury class.  He's made from yarn stash scraps, hence his name

Until next time do keep hooking away won't you


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The last few weeks

In Sherborne I take an Improvers class at The slipped Stitch. Isn't this just the yummiest looking cup cake one of my pupils made?

 In a workshop that I take for a class from my classroom at home we decided to make cable cowls from the then latest issue of Inside Crochet.  Sue no.2 made this one modelled by Sue no.1. Gorgeous colour and lovely buttons too (changed from a zip to buttons)

The lovely Nicky, a friend, made my pin cushion that's in the latest Inside Crochet magazine. It's so handy as you wear it on your wrist. 

  I am so jealous of this sheep by DMC which is in The Slipped Stitch. Into want one!

  I have been busy writing my 2nd book. I will say no more.  4 projects are complete so far, so I have said some more!

One of my pupils made this, her first garment.  It's a shame that there an error in the pattern. 

These baby blankets, by another pupil who only learnt to crochet in January, are fantastic.

And another pupil showing me her JayGo skills

More of my pin cushions by another pupil. She gave them out to class! 

And little Molly who's resting her head on a ball of wool at Sparrow UK during another class. 

I love the colours of this baby hexagon blanket. All in chunky. 

58 hexagons so far by me.  Today is day 67 so I am 9 behind but it won't take long to catch up. 

  I have been making this bear you see.  Started in class at the Sparrow UK and turning out so cute in scraps of chunky that it's addictive !!

Until the next blog post - Happy Hooking. X

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lots of crochet projects.....

W.I.P. 's

(Works in Progress)

but not all by me - read on!

I have started to crochet squares in these delicious shades of brown, beige & pink

because I am making this gorgeous sweater that is in the latest Inside Crochet magazine.

As soon as I saw it I thought WOW and was straight online to The Wool Warehouse to order the wool I needed.

In class in Sherborne, we started to make basic amigurumi birds & bunnies.

There will be more photo's in the next post.

I found this online....

Mine is Stitch Hand - LOL

This is my Lurcher Perry having a snooze on the sofa under his crochet blanket & resting his head on several balls of wool!!!

And here are the dogs Granny Blanket getting dry on the aga.

I managed to add a few rows of stitches to my blanket

However my Shaftesbury ladies have roped me into making a "Loren" jumper

So we made swatches in class

And took some measurements before we agreed on getting the front of the jumper made before the next lesson, when we will make a start on the sleeves

CF brought this African Flower Blanket into my Crochet Classroom in Shillingstone last week

And JG brought in this lovely shawl

PLUS this fab cushion cover

And finally, another project that I have been roped into making along with one of my classes.

Again the pattern in from the latest Inside Crochet magazine an as you can see we are crocheting cables!

If you would like to join one of my Crochet Workshops in Dorset then please take a look at my latest class schedule here http://www.gethookedoncrochet.co.uk/classes-workshops/