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Friday, 22 August 2014

Week 33 and 34 Socks, socks and a few more things to report....

I found ANOTHER crochet sock book for the bargain price of £2.50, so I just had to have it.  The great thing about it was that it had a few patterns in DK, so that was a bonus as I have been working in the norm of 4ply recently.

I decided to try out 100% cotton as I had some in my stash

And this is what happened!

Another pair I made were in 4ply in this lovely rainbow yarn

Aren't they just super snazzy!

Ah! here I am in class, showing off my new DK 100% cotton socks

I also decided to make another "Loren" Jumper in Red this time, which I work on in front of the TV at night as it's an easy no look type pattern

And now for some class news.....

I know, I know I am supposed to be taking some time off & catching up on commissions & my own work (as per the socks etc. above)

 But I was in demand!

This beautiful blanket is by the totally addicted "Dorset Finca" who is also addicted to Attic24
I can't blame her as Lucy is crochet amazing!

And here's another addict - a cushion addict

I have also had a bit of a classroom makeover this last week - I bought a table cloth to lighten up the room & I have a new wool stash thanks to Lemonade Yarns

It looks brighter

And well stocked!

Ahhhhh more rainbow socks!

Thank goodness it's nearly sock weather again
(pattern by Claire Montgomerie in Inside Crochet)

I also made over my Crochet Class sign that I hang on my gate when I know a new hooker is arriving

What do you think?


I will be taking the following crochet classes at the following venues in September:

All of the classes listed currently have places
All workshops run for 4 weeks & for 2 hours a week

Week Beginning  
Wed Sept 3rd - Beginners at Sparrow UK (Shaftesbury) 10.30 to 12.30
Thursday Sept 4th - Improvers at Get Hooked (Shillingstone) 3 to 5pm
Friday 5th Sept - Improvers at Sparrow UK (Shaftesbury) 10.30 to 12.30
Monday 22nd Sept - Beginners at The Slipped Stitch (Sherborne) 10.30 to 12.30

Please contact the venue direct for prices & to book your place

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Weeks 31 & 32 Crochet ME time!

Do you remember that I blogged about the Key Ring Book by Emma Varman last time?

(click on photo for the link)

Well I finally got round to making one of the wonderful key rings in there!

This is obviously a tortoise, but I made her with Chunky yarn rather than DK so she's a little bit large for a key ring - however I do have a very large sack type handbag, so she might get attached to a ring after all!

I added a flower to her shell as I had one "just there"


Now for my "FIND OF THE YEAR"

My lovely friends at String Theory Crochet have started to make & sell these wonderful Yarn Candy Tubes

I asked for a "Rainbow" combinations of colours

But there are lots of options to choose from

These little balls of 8g (approx) each are just perfect for projects like my "Flowers" blanket in the photos above

Or for my Triangle a day project

Isn't this just so much FUN

And each triangle takes about 3g of yarn, so I have plenty of each colour to make 2 triangles

 Do go to the String Theory Crochet shop 
have a look at all the fantastic colour options available - you WILL be like a kid in a sweet shop!! 

OK - yes, you can blame me.


Another blast from the past blog is Ms Clarice

You can find the pattern in Inside Crochet Magazine,

In the meantime Ms Clarice can be found in Pimperne, North Dorset

Or on the farm by the coast!!

Isn't she a cutey?


I have had a little "me" time this week as I have been good by working a little over the last weekend and getting all my commission work finished and posted out.

So, with "me" time I thought "CROCHET" and went to have a look at my yarn stash.

This did take some time as I have accumulated a lot of it, so I had a little sort out at the same time.  

During this thoroughly harrowing (not) experience, I came across a ball of 4ply by A Stash Addict called Mermaids Hair.

"Perfect for Socks" it said - it was thinking exactly what I was thinking 


I went to my list of "patterns to make" and quickly opted for a pattern in Inside Crochet Issue 51 by Bianca Boonstra called Simmerdei Socks

Here's the Ravelry Link

So I got my hook out

And got hooking

I am loving the way these socks work up so quickly

I have nearly finished the first one!

Ahhh and now I have finished them both!

And finally, my lovely Mother in Law bought me this beautiful Crochet Ring

So head over there if you fancy one for yourself!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Weeks 29 & 30 My Students TALENT + more

This is the lovely BP (who's quite a celebrity name dropper) who is totally hooked.  I did blog about the start of her cushion a few weeks back.  She wasn't happy with her stitching, as I had pointed out a little something to her, so she unpicked it ALL and started again.  
However, can you see the Granny Square cushion on the table?  She's made 2 cushions!! WOW

 This pot cover is made from cotton and is by one of my Shaftesbury pupils

Via email from a student of mine GW, are these fabulous "Picnic" stones

And L has been making this summer cardigan in 4 ply.  Its amazing, considering she couldn't crochet 8 weeks ago.  I was so WOWED by it that I whipped off my Serena Kaftan (from the dummy that is) and placed this piece of wonder on it instead

Back to Shaftesbury, where I teach at Sparrow UK

L made me this bookmark in DMC Petra.  It takes pride of place in my favourite Crochet Book by DK publishing & the pattern is by the one and only Claire Montgomerie!

Here's BP again, showing off her new hat.  She combined 2 patterns from my book Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve   She made the beanie hat using one pattern and then the flower from another and voila!

I have had this book for a while now and I have been meaning to make something from it from the moment I bought it.  It's terribly well written & you can see that a lot of hard work has gone into the pattern writing (there are some symbols charts - hooray) and the photography.  

Click here for the link

I really do need some "me" Crochet time to do all the projects that I want to do.  When I do get it, the question is - which keyring or charm do I make first??

Back to school & more from Shaftesbury

Another pupil made me this lovely pin cushion.  A pattern from a recent Inside Crochet magazine

And another made this lovely Elephant.  The original pattern came as part of a kit with some lovely Alpaca wool.  I suggested that she practiced first with anything chunky as she hadn't crocheted "amigurumi" style before & this is the result

I found this picture in my stash - my flowers for my bike basket! Cute? YAY!

Another pose by Elephant

This is the lampshade I made at a course at Sparrow in Shaftesbury.  It was strange being the pupil and not the teacher!

Now here's talent by The Dorset Finca

And a Mandala by another lady in the same class

The summer cardigan again but from a different angle

My Ripples Blanket - Mmmmm why is this photo here?  I'll have to come back to you on that! 

Ah! Cushion 2 is on display by BP

My left foot in a flip flop with my Triangle a day blanket laid out in the front courtyard - it's now at 200!

Have YOU got the latest copy of Let's Get Crafting Knitting and CROCHET?

Amongst many other great patterns by some FAB designers like Lynne Rowe (Comforter Blanket bottom left) and Tracey Todhunter (Hippo Pillow top left) are my Baby Booties

Aren't they just adorable?  What a fantastic gift they would make!
Buy your copy now!!

And finally

I took a 3 hour "Improvers" class on Thursday

It was a really great 3 hours of Crochet with so many different projects going on

This Tea Cosy from Inside Crochet Magazine is looking FAB!  Leaves needed to be added for that "finishing touch"

Also from Inside Crochet....

Is Ms. Clarice

Who needed help with her ruffly tail feathers

They turned out well and she looks fab

Next is Boodles Yarn and a 12mm hook!

Ah! Ms. Clarice again with crochet action

More T Shirt yarn and a 10mm hook which squeaked when the yarn was worked - D is going to get an aluminium one.

This is S with her amazing blanket WIP

And CF with her multi stripey blanket.  She's decided to crab stitch the edges & work the tail ends in at the same time

In the meantime, I have been busy working on more commissions which are currently taking up ALL of my spare time.

Back to my hook then!