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Friday, 30 November 2012

Granny A Day 335 & Snowflakes

My pupil today had me making Christmas Snowflakes!

She bought this amazing book that had 100 of them, all ready to make

So this is number 1, which as you can see are blocking out on the pin board

And this is number 2, which didn't need blocking

One of the nice things about this book is that there was a little information on most of the snowflakes e.g. where you would find them etc. so it was a nature lesson at the same time.

We did start on Snowflake 3 but we didn't quite finish it!

Now for GAD 335

It's the local Christmas Bazaar tomorrow so do come along if you can!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

GAD 334 & Beanie Hat Progress

As I mentioned yesterday, I have had a commission to crochet 9 Beanie Hats

All to the customers specifications

And these are the 4 I have made so far!

It did mean a trip to the WOOL shop which was such an ordeal NOT 
I really enjoyed trying to source the colours and the wool weights etc. but my choice was a little limited, so in the main I had to buy DK and double it up and use two strands at at time to replicate a "chunky" weight.

So far, so good and only 5 more to go.

So needless to say that GAD 334 is a little plain tonight as my hands are aching a little today, but it's still a GAD!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Granny A Day 333 + Beanie Hats + Group Fun Today!

This is Granny A Day 333

I have had a totally Crochet Day today

It started at 10am this morning, when I went to a house in the village, where I met this lady that found me at the Village Craft Fair.  She did tell me on the day that she would like to order a few beanie hats, but when I didn't hear from her, I simply thought she had changed her mind.  However she called yesterday!!

She ordered 9 beanie hats!
So the Village Craft Fair was not such a poor state of affairs after all!

This afternoon I went to a lovely Knit and Crochet Group based in Blandford Forum.
Here's their Facebook page....

And if you haven't found me on Facebook yet, here's my link!

See you there!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Granny A Day 331 & 332 & lots more!

Carrying on from the Rainbow from GAD 330 This is the rest of the Rainbow

 I know the colours are not exact, but hey, I am using my wool stash!!

GAD 332 is this reversible square

That's the Front op there and the Back down there!!

Oh and this is the "creativity" that is my current work station

When I get a spare 5 minutes, I am adding to this scarf, in the hope that it will be ready in time for the Xmas Bazaar this Saturday

In today's crochet Class we made 
Snow Flakes

They are not ready in this photograph, but I will post some more pictures when they are!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rainbows & GAD 330

Today, whilst I was volunteering at my local Station Project, I saw a Rainbow, so it only seemed right to make GAD 330 the start of a Rainbow
Red & Orange, Yellow & Green!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Free Pattern! - Crochet Hair Bow & GAD 329

Before I share my free pattern with you, I would like to share Granny A Day 329!

It's this rather lovely pattern from the Edie Eckman book that I mentioned yesterday.

The pattern reminds me of the "twirly's" that you get on the end of a stick that twirl when the wind blows

Now for the free pattern which I wrote today, so I though I would give you all an early Christmas Present.

Crochet Hair Bow or Bow Brooch

Using DK wool / yarn and a 4mm hook
Tension is not important

For the Bow body

Chain 30 
 Oops I didn't notice that "holey" one!!

Join with a slip stitch into the first chain made to form a loop – take care not to twist the chain.


Row 1:  Chain 1 & Double Crochet in each stitch to end, then join with a slip stich into the chain 1

Row 2:  Chain 3 & Treble Crochet in each stitch to end, then join with a slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the chain 3
Row 3:  Chain 3 & Treble Crochet in each stitch to end. Join with a slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the chain 3.

Row 4:  Chain 1 & Double Crochet to end & join with a slip stitch into the chain 1.
At this stage it's a good idea to give a little "tug" to the foundation chain at either end to pull the body of the bow into shape.

Now for the Middle bit
Now chain 8

 then Half Treble crochet into the 3rd chain from hook. Half Treble Crochet to end of the chain and then slip stitch into the body of the bow to “anchor”
Htr's down the chain to the  body of the bow

"Anchoring" the middle with a slip stitch to secure

Flatten the body of the bow so that you have 2 layers lying flat, with the "middle" bit in the middle.

Now wrap the “Middle bit” around the back of the bow body (so under both layers) and insert the hook into the end of the middle bit – try to catch

two strands with your hook & slip stitch, pulling tight.

Remember to pull tight before fastening off

Fasten off and darn in the end.
Now pull the bow to shape & attach either a hair clip or a brooch back to the bow!

Ta - Dah

Hope you like it.
Please let me know if you have any problems 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Granny A Day 328 - Interlocking Circles!

Thanks to my pupil CF who brought in this amazing Crochet Book by Edie Eckman called
"Connect the Shapes - Crochet Motifs"
We made these lovely interlocking circles today

We then adjusted the pattern a little when we started working around the edge, so that we were using Trebles & Doubles rather than Double Trebles & Trebles

Ta - Dah
Granny A Day 328 is now in my Blanket!

I am going to pop over to Amazon now to see if I can get a copy of the book!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Granny A Day 327

This is Granny A Day 327

It reflects the weather we have had today
Grey Skies
Burst River Banks 
Local Flooding.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Granny A Day 326 & Bows!

Granny A Day 326 commemorates my last day working at the Co-Op

So I will now have more time to dedicate to teaching Crochet, in individual classes and also group classes too!  I will have the flexibility of being able to offer morning classes now and being able to travel to venues to hold Group classes too!

I have many hooks in the wool (irons in the fire) so I am very excited!!

Here are some "Bows" that I am making which I will attach to hair clips & sell at the Christmas Bazaar on the 1st December!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

GAD 325, Crochet Pupils and more!

Granny A Day 325 marks the beginning of Row 19, my last and final row on my GAD 2012 blanket

I took 2 crochet lessons today.

Both ladies came to me via "twitter"
How great is that?

Here is J practicing Double Crochet with chunky wool and a 6.5mm hook

Which she found easier to use in these early stages, as she has never crocheted before.

The double knit wool and a 4mm hook proved a bit "fine" for her to start off with, so Chunky was the way to go and she did amazingly well.
She has promised to practice lots,  before next weeks lesson.

Next is M, who has picked up crochet very quickly.

In lesson 1, a few weeks ago, she learnt the basics, picking them up very quickly

So today we corrected a few errors when she worked in a row, as she was omitting to work into the turning chain but that was soon corrected.

So we progressed on to Granny Squares

And changing colours in a Granny Square

And she quickly picked this up too!!

And finally, I even managed to crochet a couple of small Christmas stockings today too!

Monday, 19 November 2012

GAD 324 & the blanket so far....

This is GAD 324

And this is the Blanket so far

It's now 18 x 18 squares

And I have to get it up to 19 x 19 squares to get it to 361 squares

That leaves me with the final 5 days of the year to make a border.

I will probably border it with a row (or maybe 2) of Granny Shells to keep the Granny Theme going.

Hope you like it so far too.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lots of Crochet News PLUS GAD 320, 321, 322 & 323!!

This week has been super silly manic and I have lapsed on my Granny A Days
So you will find
GAD 320 = Thursday
GAD 321 = Friday
GAD 322 = Saturday (today) &
GAD 323 = Sunday (tomorrow)

On Friday my pupil CF brought along this wonderful blanket that she's making
It's her WIP
and will cover her double bed when it's finished
She is using the 200 Crochet Blocks book by Jan Eaton
(if you want your own copy then click on the banner on the right of your screen)

GAD 320

Here is my stall at the local Craft Fair that took place today

Unfortunately I only sold one hat and one brooch but I did a LOAD of networking and
I also have a possible order for 6 Mens Beanie Hats 
I talked to loads of lovely ladies that say they want to learn to Crochet
I have also got myself a table at the village Christmas Bazaar on the 1st December!!

GAD 321

GAD 322

GAD 323

I had to make this in advance as I have the In Laws coming for lunch tomorrow and they will be arriving STRAIGHT after I finish work so it will be another busy day!

Next week I have 4 x 2 hour crochet lessons booked in - HOORAY
But my other good news is that I have resigned from my Part Time Job, so I will be able to provide the people of Dorset and surrounding Counties, more flexibility in lesson times!