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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Granny A Day 311 , My opinion and Crochet Edging with a difference

 A very lovely and clever lady in America, sent me her invention to try out

which is 

It's similar to a fine crochet hook e.g. a 2mm or smaller, but it has a tiny sharp point right on the very end so that you can pierce fabric or even card, easily and without the need to pre hole punch.

If you would like to get one too then go to ...

and this is what it does.....

it make pretty edgings along the edge of clothing, blankets, towelling, handkerchiefs etc.
The possibilities are endless!

These are the patterns that I tried

Quick & Easy 

In the Loop 

 This is a close up picture of Quick & Easy  

This is Quick & Easy - variation 

And my final practice was Zig Zag 

There are loads more to try out.
I will be more that tempted to find a T Shirt that I want to adorn with an edging tomorrow.

If you are an avid crocheter this is a MUST HAVE for your crochet kit.

Now for GAD 311.
As I am on holiday from work this week (that's my part time job - the one that pays a few bills, not my Crochet Teaching one that pays for my wool addiction) I took a trip into the local Market Town of Blandford Forum today, and I found a little "bargain" shop that was selling DK yarn for £1.50 a ball.

How is a girl to resist?

So I didn't

I bought a soft cream, a lovely green, a warming terracotta & a vibrant yellow

As usual, once I got home my husband said "why do you need more wool?"

Well I don't but I don't have these colours in my yarn stash at the moment and I might even go back for some more in pinks and blues at those prices - just don't tell my husband!

In my opinion it's better and cheaper than having an expensive shoe (designer kind) addiction - don't you agree?  Plus this keeps you busy for hours, you can make great gifts and things for your house or for sale and it doesn't hurt your feet or give you bunions, so buying wool in my opinion is an all round WINNER!

Here is GAD 311 

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