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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gad 308 & GAD 309 plus Bavarian crochet basket & Dog Coat

First is my Bavarian Crochet Basket

Which I LOVE


I used similar colours to the pattern in the book

Although I have used these colours before

And there it is - a lovely little basket to put make up / toiletries / bits and bobs in

Here is GAD 308

And GAD 309

And after the snow we had in Dorset this morning (which didn't settle, but still made me feel chilled )
I decided to crochet a dog coat / puppy coat for my Scrumpy

And he loves it!

I made it up as I went along and kept on having "fittings" with Scrumpy as the crochet coat grew.  This way it's a very nice, snug fit for him, which he will need.

I have made it in such a way that I can add to it as needed at I know that Scrumpy is growing at  a rate of knots at the moment.
Happy Hooking everyone


  1. I love Scrumpy's new jacket Ali - he looks very smart.
    I'm still keeping up (more or less) with the Granny a Day project. Haven't posted any pictures as it more or less looks the same as the last pic. I posted.

    1. Hi Gwen, lovely to hear from you! I am glad you like Scrumpys coat - he loves it too!! He sits there and waits for it to get put on him then he struggles like mad when I try to take it from him, so it's really a hit!! Can't wait to see your GAD!
      Ali xx


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