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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 120 More Flower Power & Pin Cushion!

My Twitter friend @mrssutmakes whom I met for a coffee today, made me these lovely flowers for my Scooter Basket!

Aren't they adorable?

Just remember the one in the middle, o.k?

Before I elaborate on the one in the middle, this is Day 120
Made with some leftover Rico Cotton
in a rather lovely Raspberry Pink

Now back to the middle one.

@mrssutmakes made that one, but as it was a pin cushion, she thought the holes were too big as it was going to be stuffed without a material lining, so I thought that I would make one too to see if it worked, or not as the case might be.

As you can see from this early photo of the Pin Cushion top, the holes do look big

However once it was stuffed

It did what it said on the pattern

And grew into a rather lovely Pin Cushion

And exactly what I needed

 As my current needle holder was looking a bit, or a lot worse for wear!!
(I have had it for about 15 years)

If you would like to make this pin cushion

Here's the LINK
Thank you Sandra Paul

@sandracherryhrt on Twitter

Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 119 = Flower Power!

Unfortunately I didn't have any time to make more Toe Cosy's today

But I did have time for Day 119 Square!!

And these!

Lovely flowers

In various Shapes

And colours

And sizes!

Even 2 colour ones!

And they will all be attached to the basket on the Mobility Scooter that I have bought to get me through the 8 weeks, when my leg is in plaster!

PLUS lots of lovely twitter people are going to crochet some for me too!!!

How nice is that!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 117 & 118 Toe Cosy's Weekend

The good news is that I am alive and well.  The not so good news is that my original ankle / nerve damage operation in 2007 due to an accident in the 2004 Tsunami is now coming undone, so after speaking to the consultant, Mr S, on the phone the other day, the only way forward is to open it all up again and hopefully get it sorted for good this time.

I remembered how cold my toes always were when in a plaster cast last time and as I don't want that to happen again, I decided to make a few toe cosy's!

This is my original cast from 2007....

And Toe Cosy #1

 With an nice rib edging

And Toe Cosy #2 is a Stash Buster one!

This Toe Cosy is for a Twitter Friend @evethomas40 (twitter) 
who has her leg in plaster at the moment, so cold toes will be a thing of the past when she gets her little parcel this week!

 Where did I put my Crochet Hook?

I particularly like the "summer pastel" colours of this toe cosy #'3

And this one is inspired by the Bumble Bee Toe Cosy #4
 although someone on Twitter suggested the "baddie"in Where's Wally!!

Another Stash Buster but working in rows with a fancy border...
is Toe Cosy #5
If you know someone in plaster with cold toes and needs a bit of a change from grotty old socks, then get in touch as I can make Toe Cosy's to order - pretty much any theme you'd like e.g.  Football Team Colours, Rugby Team Colours, Cartoon faces, Animals etc.
Plain Toe Cosy's start at £5 &  more elaborate works of art will be from £7.50 to £10, however contact me & I'll give you a price!


 And after all that Toe Cosying here's 117 &

Day 118

Hope you like them 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 116, More Socks & Crochet Clinic is now open!

Do you have a Crochet Problem that you can't solve?
Have you got stuck on a pattern ?
Can't work out what to do next & getting frustrated??
Then why not use my....

And now for socks - more socks as I have a sock "thing" at the moment, as you may have guessed

I know that these look like PIXIE socks

I have made the edge all pretty & girly with a scalloped edge

And I have re - invented the heel as I didn't like the ones on most of the patterns I found

Ta- Dah

Ta - Dah!

Ta - Dah!!!

Ta - Dah - Dah!!!

Aren't they just gorgeous?

Did you know that you could crochet socks and not just knit them?

So when my pupil came for a lesson this afternoon, guess what we did?

We made a start on Crocheting Socks!

We started with one pattern & then made a few adjustments
as we didn't like the way the heel was being made....

So we made them "Ali" style & will continue with the heel in next weeks lesson so watch this space.

Day 116 is this square made with - guess what - sock wool!! Yes, it's the same as I used for my socks that I finished today - I simply used 2 strands of 4ply together!

Oh and one last thing - did you get your copy of Inside Crochet Magazine today?

Pg 78 remember!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 115 - I am published !!


Owly Images

Get your copy in the shops tomorrow & turn to Page 78 where you will see my 2 patterns!!
I am so excited I can't tell you!

I have run around the living room - and it's a big room - whooping with joy!  Tracey Todhunter, who's a FAB crochet designer whom I admire greatly & is featured in many super duper crafting publications, told me that the excitement & novelty never wears off!

YAY!!! I am on cloud 9

And now for my beginners class today, which fortunately for them, took place before the postman arrived with the good news above!

Look at them all smiling away.  That's because they have all been practicing since their class last week and after a quick re-cap to start the lesson off, they were crocheting in rows with VERY STRAIGHT EDGES!

This of course is not only thanks to my tuition but stitch markers too!

If you need some of these colourful & wonderful little things then visit my One Stop Crochet Shop using the tab above!

And finally

Day 115 is