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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 94, Drastic Damage & Crochet repair + Bavarian Crochet!

As you may remember, I made this blanket some time ago, and it grew and grew until it was big enough to put on my King Size bed

It's made from Style Craft Kon-Tiki 50% cotton & 50% acrylic & I love the weight of it in the winter on top of my duvet

So I am sure you can imagine that I was distraught when I noticed that my puppy Scrumpy had decided to undo one of my lovely Granny Squares

Oh No!
Scrumpy was in the dog house whilst I got to work on a repair job

I managed to rescue the stitches but pulling the loop (loop that should be on hook)  of wool through the row above AFTER I had completed the stitch that had been pulled out....

And then putting the loop back on the hook & working 3 trebles into where they would have been

I know it's not perfect, as I ran out of "tail end" to work with, but it's a pretty good job I think!

In Intermediates class today, we crocheted Bavarian Crochet Squares

Don't they look amazing?

& I simply love the colour combinations used!

Day 94

I also got this email today

Also wanted to say thank you so much for the classes, I really have learnt loads and will happily recommend you to anyone

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ali, you did a great job repairing the blanket! The Bavarian crochet looks so pretty and it's great you are putting together a twitter blanket!
    Take care, Julie - USA


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