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Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 116, More Socks & Crochet Clinic is now open!

Do you have a Crochet Problem that you can't solve?
Have you got stuck on a pattern ?
Can't work out what to do next & getting frustrated??
Then why not use my....

And now for socks - more socks as I have a sock "thing" at the moment, as you may have guessed

I know that these look like PIXIE socks

I have made the edge all pretty & girly with a scalloped edge

And I have re - invented the heel as I didn't like the ones on most of the patterns I found

Ta- Dah

Ta - Dah!

Ta - Dah!!!

Ta - Dah - Dah!!!

Aren't they just gorgeous?

Did you know that you could crochet socks and not just knit them?

So when my pupil came for a lesson this afternoon, guess what we did?

We made a start on Crocheting Socks!

We started with one pattern & then made a few adjustments
as we didn't like the way the heel was being made....

So we made them "Ali" style & will continue with the heel in next weeks lesson so watch this space.

Day 116 is this square made with - guess what - sock wool!! Yes, it's the same as I used for my socks that I finished today - I simply used 2 strands of 4ply together!

Oh and one last thing - did you get your copy of Inside Crochet Magazine today?

Pg 78 remember!!

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