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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 117 & 118 Toe Cosy's Weekend

The good news is that I am alive and well.  The not so good news is that my original ankle / nerve damage operation in 2007 due to an accident in the 2004 Tsunami is now coming undone, so after speaking to the consultant, Mr S, on the phone the other day, the only way forward is to open it all up again and hopefully get it sorted for good this time.

I remembered how cold my toes always were when in a plaster cast last time and as I don't want that to happen again, I decided to make a few toe cosy's!

This is my original cast from 2007....

And Toe Cosy #1

 With an nice rib edging

And Toe Cosy #2 is a Stash Buster one!

This Toe Cosy is for a Twitter Friend @evethomas40 (twitter) 
who has her leg in plaster at the moment, so cold toes will be a thing of the past when she gets her little parcel this week!

 Where did I put my Crochet Hook?

I particularly like the "summer pastel" colours of this toe cosy #'3

And this one is inspired by the Bumble Bee Toe Cosy #4
 although someone on Twitter suggested the "baddie"in Where's Wally!!

Another Stash Buster but working in rows with a fancy border...
is Toe Cosy #5
If you know someone in plaster with cold toes and needs a bit of a change from grotty old socks, then get in touch as I can make Toe Cosy's to order - pretty much any theme you'd like e.g.  Football Team Colours, Rugby Team Colours, Cartoon faces, Animals etc.
Plain Toe Cosy's start at £5 &  more elaborate works of art will be from £7.50 to £10, however contact me & I'll give you a price!


 And after all that Toe Cosying here's 117 &

Day 118

Hope you like them 

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  1. Brilliant idea. With your toe cozy and scooter you are going to look the biz!


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