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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cotton Moon - Days 278 & 279 & vintage blanket repair

I taught a Crochet Workshop at Cotton Moon in Blandford Forum this morning.

A small group of 6 ladies arrived & we got started

Their concentration was intense at first

But the soon began to relax & make stitch swatches

They all deserve a round of applause for doing so well today

& achieving so much is a very short 3 hour space

When I got home there was a large parcel of wool waiting for me - another commission for Make & Craft  Magazine which I can't wait to get started on, on Monday.

I have a day off this Sunday so I am going to make the most of it - make the two squares for my Twitter blanket & hopefully work on my socks some more before the workshops start all over again next week as I am teaching every day Monday to Friday!

It's now Sunday

I noticed that Scrumpy Puppy has tried his hand at Crochet recently - namely the  Granny Blanket I made many years ago for my bed

As you can see he's undone one of the seams!

But don't panic - my 4mm crochet hook is at hand

But as I got towards the end

I started to run out of working wool!

So I took it right back along the seam & changed to a 3mm hook which left me with lots of working wool at the end which I sewed in after fastening off.

Job done

Days 278

& 279

Oh and I have managed to finish off one sock

So now for Sock 2

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