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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Weekend is here - 291 / 292 / 293...

this went on Twitter on Friday....

 Ali Campbell @CrochetAli
Wow. @stitchstud has used the word "brilliant" when emailing me about an item I have made #crochet. My week has been made. Make that year!

@CrochetAli well. The colours,design, and always so helpful schematics (us te's love schems) made my day! #crochet #patternlove

I am thrilled (needless to say) that "The Stitch Stud" has said such nice things about my work!
Translation may be in order here: te's = tech editors - these are the guys that get the patterns that us designers write & make sure that they make sense & work for the crocheter's that want to make up our designs
& schems = schematics which are the little pictures that help to make sense of what we have written e.g.

If you want some free Crochet Patterns / Tutorials then click on this link - GRATIS

  1. Ali
    Thank you for all of your tutorials. I love the step by step directions you give and the photos to go along. I am going to use some of these for some of granny square projects. Thanks again.
    Julie - USA
  2. Your step by step instructions and pictures to go with them are great Ali. I love the way you explain.
  3. Thanks for your tutorials!

    Now for some socks!

    I bought this lovely 100% DK from Eden Cottage for the sole purpose of making myself yet another pair of socks

    so I took these ones of

    and tried these on for size

    Pleased to say they fit perfectly

    and they are going to be soooooo warm!

    More socks - my pupil made this one - Lesson on Friday

    however she had a mental block on starting the 2nd one so we did a fresher...

    With a little help via diagrams drawn on my new whiteboard & easel

    We also made Fluffy hearts with eyelash yarn for added fluffiness!

    I have been working on a top secret project on and off for a few weeks now, and today (Sunday) I finally managed to finish of the 2nd draft.  I now have to wait to see how it turns out & what happens next. That's all I can say.

    Days 291, 292 & 293 are here

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