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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day #18 Granny A Day & Poncho

Well here is my Granny A Day for Day 18

It is rather bright, but I love Purple!

I am looking at my scraps of yarns basket and they are all slowly depleting, so I will have to get on with my Giant Granny Square Blanket soon, so that my Scraps Basket can be restocked.

I also have some Red DK now so I can make some more Valentines Hearts

And here, as promised is the start of my Poncho
I found LOADS of patterns on the internet but not one that I really fancied or thought that I would wear once it was finished.  I was tempted to make a Granny Square one - very RETRO
However I am not sure that I am brave enough or indeed young enough to wear something so bright and colourful outside in the big wide world, so I compromised
and chose to make a Granny Shell Poncho instead.

It started off with a Gold / Beige neckline and I am continuing in a lovely Deep Green, as I have 10 x 50 gram balls of this all (including the Gold / Beige) in Aran Merino that I was lucky enough to get in the wool sale for £1 a ball!
I am using a 5mm Hook.
Once I have completed this masterpiece I may post the pattern that is a combination of a few that I came across whilst surfing, unless someone twists my arm before then as it is quite simple once you have got the neckline sorted out!

In other news - the Baby Blanket is still a WIP.  I think that I have one more sequence of colours to go, so :
White, Green, Pink, Yellow & Blue
Once I have finished these rows (2 of each) I will take a look at the size and decide whether or not it's big enough and go from there.  I will have to edge it all the way around before I present it to the proud parents anyway.

Current Projects on the go
  • Granny A Day
  • Poncho
  • Baby Blanket
  • Giant Granny Square Blanket
  • Valentines Hearts
Wow - 5 - that's a record for me!


  1. My yarn stash hasn't seemed to go down at all!

  2. LOL Marsha - maybe my scrap stash, which is what I am using for Granny A Day, as my squares are only 4 rows - wasn't big enough in the first place - at least my Giant Granny Blanket will use up some of my real stash!


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