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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day #11 - what a busy, busy day!

Ok, I am going to blog about the day as the day went along as there is SO much to tell you from a crochet point of view of course!

Firstly I have to go back to last night - my hubby told me that our friends baby is arriving very soon - 3 weeks in fact, so I ran upstairs to see if I had any baby wools (3 or 4ply) as I hadn't noticed any in my stash audit the other day.  Well I didn't have any, but then I had an idea that I forgot to count some wool in my guest bedroom wardrobe, so I went to look in there and guess what - I found some White, Baby Blue, Baby Green, Baby Yellow & Baby Pink all in 4ply. So once I got settled for the evening I made a start on a Baby Blanket and produced 12 rows:

It's making up very slowly due to the fineness of the wool

More good news from last night is that I got a text message to confirm a Group of 2 class for this coming Friday - both beginners and both excited to get started - I can't wait!

Now to this morning, 9.30am in fact - I know that I have a 10am class this morning so I get my room nice and neat - not that its ever not neat, but I make sure that its all tip top and that the kettle is full!  These little bits are important you know!  So, whilst I am waiting for my pupil to arrive I start to crochet in extra chunky wool and a 6.5mm hook - can you guess what I am doing yet?

Yes, I going to make another tutorial - well 2 actually!!

However I only had time to set up a few shots when the doorbell rang.  My 10am Lady was standing there with a huge grin on her face and chatting all the way up the stairs.  I knew that she wanted to learn joining colours in a Granny Square, so we went through the next 2 hours doing exactly that!

Here's one of the squares she made

Now I have to admit that I cheated a little here, because the square that I was working on as the tutorial of my class, is the square that I am submitting as Granny A Day no. 11

In addition to finishing the 2 hour lesson and completing the No. 11 Granny square, I also managed to make 2 tutorials today - both free to whoever needs them, but as always donations will be gratefully appreciated.  

They are both called "The Basics" and they cover :  How to make a foundation chain, Double Crochet & Treble Crochet stitches.  The first Tutorial is for Right Handers and the Second - which I have put under a new TAB is for Left Handers.

More of my already completed Right Hand Tutorials will be converted to Left Hand versions as soon as I have some more time on my hands.

Oh and I nearly forgot, I have also learnt how to allow comments to be left on every page that is now available via the TABS so if  you want to leave a comment on a specific TAB subject then you can! (or at least I hope you can if it works!)

And to sum it all up - I was honoured by the Editor of Bloggers.com today who awarded me a "FEATURED BLOG" award on their site!  How cool is that!

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  1. Congrats on your bloggers award, I love to crochet, but wish I had more time!

  2. Thanks Rachael I am so chuffed! The nice thing about crochet is it's easy to do 5 minutes here and 20 there - just give it a try!!


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