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Monday, 30 January 2012

Day #30 - Lampshade Crochet Makeover & Crochet Hearts!

Do you remember this
"BORING" lamp shade in my Hobbies Room?

Well now it looks like this....

And this....

And this.....

And this...

And this....

And this...

And this!

I love it!

I found this blog today and I love that too!

I realised that some of her designs have been featured in Inside Crochet Magazine, so I dug out my copy
& I am going to make some multi colour Bunting.
Well I think that's what it will turn out to be - I might change my mind before it finishes - you know me.

The only alteration I made to the pattern (Issue 24 page 42 if you have your copy to hand) was to DC all the way around the edge once it said to fasten off.

Here are my little hearts being blocked

I am not sure that I have ever mentioned blocking before.  Have I?
It's very important to block and can make such a huge difference to the finished project.  The only thing I haven't blocked is my Granny A Day squares - why?  I don't know actually but I'm not.

Anyway here's what I do - I pin my crochet to a cheap cork pin board, spray with a water mister that I use on my house plants then in the winter I pop the board on my radiator and in the summer I leave my board sunbathing in the sunlight that streams through the windows to help "bake" them!
Everyone has a different method.
This one works for me.

Week 5 - No. 30 for Granny A Day 


  1. The Lampshade looks super Ali. How did you fix the crochet to the shade?

  2. Hi Gwen, I didn't fix it I just put it on it! I made sure that I made enough squares so it was just short of the circumference and it's just worked! It's a ring of squares if you see what I mean? That way I don't ruin the boring shade and I can take the crochet off to clean it when needed too! Double Bubble!!

  3. Love the shade - very creative. I'm so behind on the squares for this challenge but will catch up eventually. Still following along with your granny a day challenge. How are the others coming along?

  4. Hi Sara & thanks - I like the way the shade has turned out too! I was tempted to do the whole thing but then the light in my room would have suffered. Glad to hear you are still following GAD - the others are all doing well - see the GAD page on here for photo's and there is about 90 on Ravelry too! Group is called Granny A Day 2012 - I can't believe how many have joined. I was on your blog today - funny that - just surfing and picking up a few tips as you do!! Take Care. :)


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