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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24 - Granny A Day, Baby Blanket, Hat & a Crochet Class!

I made myself a hat!
I wanted one that I could pull down over my ears on a cold and windy dog walk, but I also wanted a "Beret" styled hat, so I followed the pattern I used before for the Purple Beret that I made for my friend (Click Here)
part of the way, but then I did my own thing! (that happens quite a lot)

I made the brim double the width that you can see in the photo below, so when the temperature goes down and the wind starts to cut through my bones, I can pull the brim down and snuggle under with my ears nice and cosy like!

I wore it out today and I love it, especially the detail in the top which gives it that "squidgy" look

Now for Granny A Day No. 24 - nothing exciting, but the next photo is.....

....Yes, all 24 squares - don't they look FANTASTIC together?

I can't wait to see all 366 together - wow what a blanket that will be - but of course I will have to wait until the 31st December 2012 when all 366 squares will be complete.

Now for class news - "L" came to me today - her 2nd class.

She's already picked up the basic stitches of Double Crochet, Treble Crochet and today Half Treble Crochet's very quickly.

Today I asked her what she would like to make with her Crochet and her response was a Granny Square Blanket - YAY - a fellow Granny Square lover, so we got to work on making her first Granny Square.

She wrote a few notes to help her once she got home and I also showed where to find my FreeGranny Square Tutorial - she was impressed by the photo step by step presentation and said that she would take a look when she got stuck!

And here she is in the picture above - crocheting away

In the picture below you can see what brilliant work she has made of her first Granny Square!

Now for Baby Blanket News
It's finished

As per yesterday's post, I decided to edge the edge that I had already made, however I was worried that I would run out of wool....

....But guess what - it wasn't the case!  I didn't run out of wool and I had enough to finish the Scalloped Edging

Tah Dah!

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