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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Giggling Crochet Granny's! Day 260

Today's blog post starts with a little extract from my Basic eLearning course

Here, Simon demonstrates a very nice start to his work & really great uniform stitches in each row, which is FANTASTIC as he's only been crocheting for a couple of days.....

.....The beauty of the eLearning course is that you get me as your "virtual" teacher!

If you look at the photo below, I have circled where he's gone a little astray & missed a stitch

That's how a lot of beginners get slopping sides, but either missing the 2nd to last stitch or missing the turning chain (which counts as a stitch) itself.

If you would like to try the eLearning course then click below!

Crochet Class today was a great giggle

3 of my ladies started to work on Granny Squares & there was lots of laughter coming from one particular corner of the table

 Excitement is building

As Granny Squares grew in size

 I have two other ladies in the same class that are one step behind & working on making flat rounds
And a jolly good job of it they are doing too!

& they have all expressed an interest to extend their 4 week workshop to more weeks too!!
Crochet Rules!!

Today's square for day 260 is this lovely Blue in Pure Wool.  I know I have used this wool before, but I no longer have to worry about that as +Victoria Stott 

kindly sent me all this!

Thanks you so much!

This is her FB page https://www.facebook.com/StringTheoryCrochet  She is the T-Shirt Yarn Queen!

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