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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Book Review - The Fine Art of Crochet by Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Book Review – The fine Art of Crochet by Gwen Blakley  Kinsler

Gwen is the founder member of the Crochet Guild of America – CGOA – so she knows what she is talking about when she wrote this self-published book which takes you through a wonderful journey of innovative works from 20 contemporary artists.

The introduction in itself is a captivating read which develops into further headings of Crochet Beginnings, Crochet Revolution & Crochet Evolution, all of which are equally fascinating.

Forget Crochet Doilies & Granny Square waistcoats of the 70’s – this book brings a whole new meaning to the word “Crochet”.

The photographs in themselves are tantalising, but it’s the written word that will hold you in its grasp and not let you put this book down.

Each of the 20 Artists, both men & women are really enlightening & the deep research by Gwen & openness of the artists themselves will have you wanting to know more and more about them & their work. 

As male crochet artists tend to be more inconspicuous in the Crochet world, I found the more interesting reads were from artists such as Pate Conaway, who prefers to use his fingers rather than a crochet hook & Dale Roberts who crochets sculptural works with a maritime theme.

You can almost visualise the way in which the pieces came to be,  when you start to read the story behind each one.  You will find yourself wanting to go to America to visit a Gallery & see these Crochet works of art for yourself.

It’s truly amazing and I can only say inspiring, to read how these works of Crochet Art evolved.  One can only hope that one day some “eureka” moment will happen in one’s own little crochet world and another work of art will be created. 

Gwen has brought together these amazingly talented Crochet Artists in one book for us all to enjoy, so whether you are a Crochet Beginner or a Crochet Expert, you will not regret purchasing this book which I have been engrossed by, from the moment I read the first page.

Weekend Squares 264 & 265 are here:

And I also made time to organise my blankets!

Above - Treble Crochet in Colour Changing Rows / Ripples Blanket & Wool Stash Granny Square Blanket

Below:  Bavarian Crochet Blanket & Granny Square Motifs

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