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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Weekend - Days 271 & 272 - Book Reviews

I got an email from Sue AKA Crochet Addict today, saying that she had had a chance to review my book, so I clicked on the link and held my breathe.   I didn't need to hold it for a second longer as her review is great and I am very touched as I know that Sue is an experienced Crocheter of many years and highly regarded by many fellow crocheters.  Here's the link for you to read it too:


Here are a couple more book reviews by

Both of whom are top notch crocheters - hailing from the USA & master crafts women  in my opinion.

I spent most of Saturday working on my latest commission for Inside Crochet Magazine
This is all that I can share with you

As my husband decided to work from the office upstairs, I really did make headway & cracked a good portion of my design & work.


I went to put on my favourite "knock about" jeans this morning & found that the hole was crying out for a patch.

I searched for some spare denim but after looking High & Low I decided that the only way to go was CROCHET!

So I designed a little "cloud" patch

And sewed it in place.

This is what TWITTER has said:

Chellebab's avatar
Michelle mentioned you

Michelle @Chellebab
@CrochetAli cool! Brilliant and original idea :)

beadercollie's avatar
cazz mentioned you

cazz @beadercollie
@CrochetAli that's genius!!

Faerydesigns's avatar
Faery Designs mentioned you

Faery Designs @Faerydesigns
@CrochetAli looks great :)

And after a lovely afternoon with friends & dogs

Here are Twitter Blanket Squares 271 & 272

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