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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 - Hoopla Yarn

Day 30 already and here is the Granny Square Blanket / A Square A Day blanket so far!
As you can see I have used a NEW colour today - this rather startling but lovely pink.

I have also "TWEETED" that I need 7ft of Acrylic DK yarn and I have had several Tweets back to say that yarn is on the way - Hooray!

And now for Hoopla!

It's a yarn that's made from by products of the fashion industry, so each bobbin may have a slighty different thickness and it pre cut and wound onto bobbins like this!

I ordered 3 variations of the Pop Art Range & using a 12 mm hook and 2 bobbins I made this unique rug

Which is going to have pride of place in my guest bedroom.

So one more bobbin to go - what to make next is the question!


  1. I love the idea of making a granny square for your blanket every day! I get so tired of making them one after the other. I might just have to copy you! By the way, I love the new color too! Some extra pop was never a bad thing ;)

    1. Hi Chelsea & thanks for your kind comment! I made a Granny Square a day last year and was really pleased with the blanket that "turned out" at the end. You copy me all you like - share the crochet love!! xx


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