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Sunday, 30 June 2013

WOW What a weekend! 180 & 181

I woke up to the sound of "KERCHING" from my mobile on Saturday morning

That was my ETSY app telling me that I had made a sale!!

I sold a custom made beaded glasses chain

In Royal Blue with multi colour beads

Then it happened again - yes KERCHING!

I sold a pattern for an All in One No Sew Toy!

And then again, but this time through my Ravelry Pattern Shop!


The other news that I have is that my book is nearly ready for publication & distribution!!!

I have been working hard on the finishing touches since Friday & despite a few technical hicups, I think I am almost there, having proof read it for a final (hopefully) time today & uploading it once again to Createspace.  I have spent HOURS not only creating this book & putting it together but more so with the technical side of things!!  Thankfully my friend Nicky came for a coffee on Friday & she got roped in to formatting some of the pages for me - phew!
Thanks Nicky x

It is going to be called

I have devised a unique .......hahaha can't tell you yet!

Then watch this space for more news very soon!

 I know I have used this sock yarn before on some other squares, but to be honest I haven't the time to source a new yarn &
I like the way that each time I use it, it comes up with a different look!


  1. Your book sounds very exciting. I came across a new blog (to me) today called Uk crochet patterns. They are very keen on using UK crochet terms. I gave them a link to your blog as I know how keen you are on this too. Hope that is ok and maybe even useful? Here is the link: http://ukcrochetpatterns.wordpress.com

    1. Sure this is ok and thanks for doing that & the link - I will go and take a look. If you haven't already seen on Twitter - the book is now online & ready to go!!! YAY


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