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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Granny A Day 151 and my LAST Crochet Classes in Surrey

The First of my 2 classes today was attended by one of my oldest (as in time, not in her age!!) pupils who brought a variety of projects along with her.

One of them was called a Maggie Wrap (which if you google you will find online or via Ravelry, which included the beginnings of  the square that you see below as Granny 151.

She had to make the squares and join them as you go, but she didn't see that bit so she had to "frog" the last row of quite a few squares and then I showed her how to join as you go.

She was so thrilled that she brought this along to her last class as she could now finish her project but she was very sad that it was our last lesson together.

I then decided, after a mad dash to the wool shop for some Royal Blue wool, to try out , experiment even, with making a Union Jack Granny Square in time for the Royal Celebrations ahead of this coming 
Diamond Jubilee weekend.


Class 2 and my very very final class in Surrey, was with LG who came to me only 2 weeks ago, to learn how to make Granny Squares

This is what she brought along!!

I am very impressed.

In Lesson 1 she learnt to make the basic Foundation Chain and Treble Crochet + start a Granny Square.

In Lesson 2 - that very same week, she learnt to colour change and how to neatly darn in all the ends as you go, to save darning in with a needle at the end, therefore saving her from a horrible end task which so many of us hate and today she learnt how to Join As You Go

And this is what she achieved

Isn't it a fantastic job!
I am really thrilled that she's taken to Crochet so passionately and so quickly too!

She thanked me at the end and said that I am a very good and very patient teacher - how lovely of her.

I shall miss all of my pupils however, I looked forward to all my new pupils that will come along in Dorset.


  1. i love what i've seen of your blog so far. Do you have any patterns you've written, available for free?

  2. Thank you Crochetaulait, for your very lovely comment. I have got a Granny Bunting, a Chunky Cowl & a Ripples Blanket - not patterns as such. You can find them under my Free Tutorials page. Hope that helps. You have a nice blog too! Ali


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