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Monday, 28 May 2012

Granny A Day 149 & Another Filofax Cover

Well, I did get some packing done this morning - the whole of the dining room in fact, and in this heat it wasn't an easy job!

So after a cool drink I made Granny A Day 149

This is the same square but in different light!

As I have a pretty full on day tomorrow, as it's the last day at my gardening job and I have to change all the pots from winter pansies to summer geraniums, I decided not to do any more packing today

Instead, as I had a "taste" for Granny Squares - like I need a reason, I decided to make a Granny Square cover (this is the 4th one I have made & it has a better wardrobe than I do!!) for my Filofax.

I chose some lovely summer colours and with inspiration from 

Beka Boo Designs by Tracey, who makes the most wonderful crochet bed footers and cushions, plus much, much more.  

The inspiration came from the bed footers that she makes by joining several Granny Squares together to form a long rectangle and then granny shelling around them to keep the shape rectangular rather than square, so this was ideal for my Filofax cover.

 I started by joining 3 Granny's together

(The Front)

And then bordering it with Granny Shells to make the rectangular shape needed for the cover

(The Spine)

And making a DC edging to tidy up the edging

(The Back)

And making some Granny Triangles for the corners

I do hope that you like the fact that I used my spare time to create a new crocheted wonder


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