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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Granny A Day 130 and more.....

It's another RAINY day so I decided to stay home and dry and have poke around to see if there were any projects that needed completion.
I came across a pile of multi coloured hexagon Grannies

So I decided to join them together to make a scarf

It took me all day to join them in the "join as you go" method as I had to add a border to each hexagon

I then had a break and made Granny A Day 130
I can't believe it's day 130 of the year already!

I have included a photo of the back of the Granny Square today so that you can see how neat the "other side" of the square is using the Join as you Go method, which I couldn't have done without for this project.

Imagine having to join 130 squares from scratch now - it would put me off!
It would have turned GAD into a chore rather than the pleasure that it has been every day

After GAD 130 I went back to the scarf

And as you can see I have started to make a border around the joining edge

To make the whole scarf more "chunky" and more valuable as a scarf

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