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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

GAD 129, Socks #2, Crochet Lesson & Tunisian Crochet!

I have had loads of emails with photo's attached recently from pupils that are busy at home, crocheting away, so I have made a collage of their recent works of art, so that you can take a look in case you missed some recent posts

Then I took a crochet lesson, but I forgot to take a photograph of the Granny Square Waistcoat that CD is making for her mother.  Hopefully she will send me a photo once she has finished the edging which is what we worked on in class.

Then the post arrived and a massive envelope contained my Tunisian Crochet Hook set that I recently ordered online

Needless to say that I was VERY excited but I curbed my need to go straight online and look at a YOU Tube video as I had my left sock to finish.....

And here it is!

Above is the left one and below is the right one

And here they are


If you want to buy the book
"Learn to Crochet Socks Toe Up Way"

It's an easy book to follow but you will have to translate from US To UK crochet terms and my top tip is to try the socks on as you go along, especially when you  have chained the heel opening, so that you can check that it fits and that you can adjust it as you go along for a nice snug fit

I then decided to make Granny A Day 2012 number 129 so that I could spend the rest of the afternoon on my new project, so here is 129 in lovely shades of Pink, Lavender & Plum

And now for Tunisian Crochet
I went to this site 
And followed the simple and clearly explained video

I managed to cast on

And make the 1st and 2nd rows

Of a basic Tunisian or Afghan Stitch

I then progressed to pearl and knit stitch by following some more videos on You Tube by the same producer.

This is the Tunisian Purl Stitch which you can see above right 

The Tunisian Knit Stitch, which is a little tricky, which is in the photo on the right above the Purl Stitch

 I then decided to start again

To see how much I had "taken in"

And I didn't do badly

I tried a variety of stitches in the example below.

However the work was "curling up" a little so I Googled that and came up with this website 

Which advises to use a larger hook than you normally would with the type of wool or yarn that you use so for DK use a 6mm and not a 4mm Tunisian Hook.
I am going to try that now.

More tomorrow folks


  1. Wow it all looks fanastic! I love the socks

    1. Thanks for popping by Susan and thanks for the lovely comment too - it means a lot!


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