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Thursday, 10 May 2012


I really enjoyed making Granny A Day 131 today, probably because the sleeve of my cardigan is giving me so much trouble!

This is my Cardigan A Long that I am doing with one of my pupils and we agreed that we would get to a certain stage at the beginning of the sleeve together - her homework so to speak, and continue again together at her next lesson.

I did text her last night to check that she was up to the agreed place.
However, today I decided to go ahead and continue with the sleeve, as I could always make a start on sleeve 2 to be back in sync with her.

I am so glad that I did as the pattern is quite complicated - well not complicated but not easy to decode in the way that it is written as you have to repeat "rows 1 to 8" but they don't "sit" right the 2nd time around as you are increasing as you can see in the photo below

I still have another set of "rows 1 to 8" to go and I should end up with 89 stitches at the end of this section, which I am not sure that I will have, so I will have to add increases as I get to the last stage, therefore rows 7 and 8 of this section.  After that you have to  the sleeve without shaping until the sleeve measures 49cm and then work a further 4 rows.  After that you have to shape the top of the sleeve and THEN work another 5 rows.

I am going to have to calculate the length of this sleeve before I go any further as I fear that it will end up being far too long for my little arms!

My calculations (rough) is that the sleeve will turn out 5 inches too long for me - now that won't do will it?

More tomorrow folks!

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