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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Another WIP finished & GAD 140

This wasn't exactly a WIP but I don't know how else to refer to it!!

My friend gave me a lot of crochet bits and bobs that his Mum used to use and in with these bits and bobs were loads of these little mini granny squares!

Some of them were badly stained and despite washing them, the staining didn't come out, so I salvaged 20 squares that I could use and decided to join them together

As you can see I have used the ladder method, well that's what I call it anyway.  It's when you join the squares at the little edges first (see above) and then you do the long lengths all the way across, darning in all the ends as you go, so save you from sewing them in (the most hated of all jobs of all crocheters!!) at the end

And after joining them all together, I made a Triple Crochet edging.

I will give this to my friend Calum, so that he can frame it
This way he can have something that his Mum made, forever!

Now for GAD 140

Well the intention of GAD 2012 Challenge was to use up all your left over wools and yarns, so this is putting it into practice 100% as I literally joined bits of yarn together and completed my GAD

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