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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

GAD 186 & Sunflowers!

It rained a lot today so I made Sunflowers!

My dog Scooby Doo bought me a book called
Crocheted Flowers by Nicky Epstein
It's written in US crochet terminology, but it's easy to translate, so I got to work on the Sunflower as it really stood out for me as I love Sunflowers

I am currently blocking it as you can see

The intention is to make a whole load of them & to put them on wired stems with some leaves and make a vase full!
Well that's the intention anyway.

As I mentioned earlier, it rained all day today so I made Granny A Day 186 as a representation of what I would have liked weather wise

The Sun with White fluffy Clouds & Blue Skies

Can you spot the obvious mistake?
Answers via a comment please!


  1. I hardly like to tell you Ali - three trebles missing from the middle of the last row on the left!! Love the sunflowers - maybe they will make the sun shine now xx

    1. Hi Gwen
      LOL I didn't realise until I had joined it and looked back at my handy work. I think it's good sometimes to realise that we all make mistakes as we are only human. I won't correct it as this will remind me that I can make mistakes too! I love the sunflower too! Thanks xx

  2. Oops! You left a 3-dc section out on the white row!

    1. Well done for spotting it. I only potted it after I had joined it on. Only human after all - thanks for stopping by. Ali x


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