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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Granny A Day 137 & Cardigan A Long

My very talented Left Handed Crochet Student, the one who has FORCED me into making a cardigan with her, came for a lesson today.

I was really pleased that she followed my lead from the other day, when I was having problems with the length of the sleeve that the pattern was recommending, as she herself realised that her sleeve would end up too short and not only that but too tight too!

So she knows that she has to increase the width of the sleeve and the length too.

Here she is joining the shoulder seams together

And this is CA trying her (sleeveless) cardigan on 

It's a great fit on her

And it's looking GREAT

She is so thrilled with it that she gave me a big hug today!

So in class we decided that we would work on the border / edging together

Here are some pictures of my finished edging.

I am really pleased with the way it's turned out.

I just have to make and attach one more sleeve to mine!

Granny A Day 137 is being joined in place as I go

Here's a close up half way through the join as you go method

And this is 137!

Ta Dah!


  1. The cardigan looks great! I've never tried making any type of crocheted clothing--past baby booties that is.
    Here is my 2 week check in on the granny a day challenge: http://marshasspot.blogspot.com/2012/05/wip-wednesday-im-getting-there.html

    1. Hi Marsha & thanks for the comment on my cardigan - I should have it all finished today! YAY I will pop over to your blog right now - I can't wait to see your GAD!


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