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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

GAD 122 - Crochet Class & a Beaded Bracelet & Baby Blanket

No this is not GAD 122 - this is LW's beaded coaster!  We started this together in class last week and there was a little bit of a cuffufle with how the beads sat, but she got it eventually!

Isn't it lovely?

She also made this great water bottle holder - it's all her own design really as we started the base and some of the upright together in last weeks class, but she just did the rest herself!

She also made this Granny Square - she's going to make some more and join them to make a bag

Now here IS GAD 122 - all made from scraps of yarn

And joined to GAD 121 which is now taking a better shape 

The baby blanket is taking shape - I try to add a row or two every day 

And after my Crochet Lesson today, I decided to make Turkish Loveknot Bracelet

Which was a little fiddly at first, as this was my very first attempt at making one, but I got the hang of it in the end and it's very colourful to wear

The only thing that I didn't get was the macrame fastening which you had to go to YouTube to follow - there was no audio with the video, apart from a very annoying TV noise in the background and some man saying "You're 1 minute 30 seconds in" 
i found it very hard to follow and even though I watched the video several times I couldn't get the hang of it and there was no information on how to finish it off (fasten off) so I gave up & had to find another video to follow.

In the end I frogged the mess that I made and made another macrame fastening which looks more professional & one that I am pleased with


  1. Just when I was congratulating myself on 'catching up', I see the real number is 121! Makes my 82 seem not as much as I thought! I'm keeping at it, though. Lovely work!

  2. Looks like you have been doing some fun things!
    It's time for my 2 week check in on the challenge. http://marshasspot.blogspot.com/2012/05/wip-wednesday-fusique-workshop.html
    This is actually where I am on the blanket too. I do have several squares made ahead still, but since I found some different colors of yarn I want to make more squares yet before I add to the blanket. I want to make sure I start getting the new colors added in.


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