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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 143 - Crochet Workshop & a Class too!

Day 143 started off with a group workshop at an alternative location as the main road of our village is being dug up & resurfaced, so it was easier to go to them in the next village & this is what I was greeted with!

"A" is going to line this and make it into a pot holder - not bad for someone who has only had 6 lessons!

"M" is making a "sampler" before she starts to edge her 8ft table cloth in a more traditional crochet style

 Here is "L" and "M2" at one end of the table

With "A" and "M" at the other

And this is "A" learning to Join as you Go

Here is "M2's" JAYgo - Haven't they both done well?

And here is my JAYGo for Day 143 - once again this new colour is thanks to @smooogle aka Alina

And here is the Twitter Blanket so far!

And now for my One2One class this afternoon with "V"

Who was genuinely THRILLED to be making her first Granny Square

And loved it when it started to grow!

Another well and truly happy pupil who told me that she "loved coming to Crochet Class as it was her bit of ME time with good chat and a lovely cup of tea"

Isn't that just lovely?

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