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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day 57 + Two new workshops started today

 My first workshop this morning was an Intermediates one.

With one lady I was going through a pattern that she had tried and failed to follow in the Nicki Trench Cute & Easy Crochet book.  I soon showed her what the pattern was trying to tell her to do with her hook and in no time at all she was either making little flowers or following the ripples pattern!

The other lady brought in this very old Crochet Pattern, which her mother had started to work on.  She told me that the pattern dated back to the 1920's
My jaw dropped slightly when I saw it.  I had seen these patterns before, but I had never worked one and there was no "key" or "legend" with it, so it was a matter of working out what went where from the previously made rows & trying it out along with hoping for the best at the same time.  It was strange to use a very fine crochet cotton and a 1.5mm hook after using DK or Chunky wools in recent days!

The 2 hours whizzed by, but more importantly the two ladies went away happy and with homework!  They want to learn to "join as you go" next week!

My new Beginners workshop started this afternoon.  As a few pupils arrived early, I started early and we were soon underway making foundation chains.
Once these were as neat as they could get them, without much practice, we went on to working in dc.

All the ladies worked at different paces and with different attitudes, so I was running around the table like a crazed woman, trying to attend to all their questions!

That's one reason that I like to keep my classes small - so that they all feel like they are getting the attention they need and at the same time getting Value for Money!

I am now exhausted!

If you would like to learn to crochet but can't get to a class then try my eLearning course https://www.coursecraft.net/courses/z9NcS

I just about had enough steam left in me to make my square for 
 Day 57

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