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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day 53 - Friday Day 54 - Saturday and Day 55 - Sunday

Day 53 - Friday

 I will start today's blog (Friday) by showing you the pictures that I took in my class yesterday.  As you may have read, my new pupil was taught to Crochet over 30 years ago but hadn't had the chance to crochet since!

As you can see she took to it like a duck to water, or should I say a hook to wool & within 2 hours she had produced a stitch swatch (above), learnt how to make a Granny Square, deal with colour changes & joined 2 squares together using the JAYGo method!

If this inspires you and you want to learn to Crochet then try my eLearning course https://www.coursecraft.net/courses/z9NcS

The big question on Twitter tonight is why we have different Crochet stitches in the UK to that of the US - The Symbols charts that we use are international, so why is the written part varied??  Could it be very simply that the stitches got lost in translation ??
To add to this and to my amusement too, a few of my US Twitter followers have since told me that they hadn't realised that UK & US crochet terminology was different, so it's just just us Brits that didn't know this!!

This was posted by Simply Crochet on Twitter earlier

Isn't this just so true!

Day 54

It's now Saturday & I woke up to this email this morning....

You have inspired me. I am one of those crochet designers from the UK that writes patterns in US terms. Thanks to your post I am changing that. I am creating a page for my free patterns in US terms and a page for UK terms. I haven't done previously as I have found that 90% of my followers use US terms. It may take me a while (I have another chest infection) but I'll hopefully be adding all my free patterns to this page. Sue


@jennyhats from Twitter writes a great online paper 

The Knit & Crochet News Daily

& my blog or video tutorials  have now been mentioned 2 days in a row thanks to @insidecrochet & @timewasting

And another "share" is here.....

thanks to Crochet Confections via Twitter.

Day 55

Before I forget, here are my Squares for the weekend.....

 Day 54

Day 53

And whilst we are on the subject of Granny Squares and if you don't follow Country Homes and Interiors Magazine, you might be interested in the chairty project.

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