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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 51 Oh how I love Crochet.....

I realised today that my wool stash is diminishing very quickly!

My pupils have been buying up some DK & Chunky wools / yarns that I stock & all of a sudden it's looking rather bear and very lacking in colour & attraction, so I must head off to the wool shop (oh dear what I job to have to do) to replenish before my next lot of 4 week workshops start next week!!

I did manage to make my square for Day 51 today, although I have been very busy!

Yes, due to the popularity of my Crochet eLearning Course 1 (The Basics) I have spent most of today drafting Course 2!!

And here's a little taster....

Not much is being given away from this picture, so I suppose if you want to know more you'll just have to enroll to find out more.

Here's the link to course 1

It's perfect if you want to learn to crochet but you don't have time to attend a class.
For only £15 you can take as long as you like to go through the 3 lessons in course 1, learning the basics of Crochet - the essentials to cracking the backbone of this lovely craft.

Even if you don't sign up to another course, this first one will give you the basics - enough to get you on your way, including a start on reading patterns & symbols charts, as well as learning how to make a foundation chain, double crochet & treble crochet too!

Go on, you know you it makes sense.

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