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Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 46, Traffic & Crochet Class & so much more to share.....

 I started looking at my blog today & I though to myself - where do all my crochet friends come from?  So I clicked on a few relevant buttons & found that one of the sources was from this page...

Liberty's Yarn

I was found under Google's Top 10 Crochet Blogs along with names like Attic 24 & Crocheting the Day Away, so I feel pretty honoured.

Thank You Liberty for not only doing this research but for also sending people to my blog too!


Another interesting page that I found on FB via Sara Duggan's Crochet Business Facebook Page was this:

So I thought I'd share it with you all.


Another thing I want to share is this great ONLINE Wool / Yarn shop

Yarn & Craft Shop

They have great selection of wools, yarns & accessories + 50% off Selected items!

& finally

One more thing to share with you before I get on to Day 46 & what happened in Crochet Class today is 

Yes, it's How to crochet in Trebles (UK Terminology) and get straight edges

Here's what happened in Crochet Class today

Yes this was made by my pupil K, who has only just learnt colour changes & join as you go!
Isn't it amazing?
She's going to line it and make it into a hook case & she has lots of lovely homework to complete for next time & I can't wait to see it!!

And finally
and I mean finally
as I do realise that there is a lot on this blog post today

Here is Day 46

 Another new colour, or in this case colours! 

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  1. Congrats on being a top-10 crochet blogger! That's awesome!


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