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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 39, Day 40, Day 41 & Lots of Crochet Class news & new Crochet Hooks & So much more......

Day 39 Square is this rather nice "French Blue" flower - the colour reminds me of my old Secondary School uniform!  I went to St. Annes College of the Ladies of Mary in Sanderstead which was unfortunately knocked down in the late 1970's.  I say unfortunately because it was a lovely building.  I hated school as it was run by scarey nuns, but I did like my Uniform which was a plain fabric coloured kilt in the above colour, with a matching jumper & tie and a cream shirt.

Anyway, enough reminising!!

Today the lovely K came for her lesson - we did colour changes, which she took to like a hook to Crochet and she also accomplished Join As You Go

Which she practiced on some of the many Granny Squares that she made for her homework!  She's so keen and wants to learn more and more each lesson.

She's so good that we even learnt a few new stitches today too

htr's & dtr's !
The heart pattern is proving popular, but as long as my pupils are making what THEY want to make that's the main thing.

Here's an interesting article by Kat Goldin
 on her new website
It's all about Drape & Gauge & what yarns to use for garments
If you didn't read the recent article in one of the latest Inside Crochet Magazines, which was very interesting and very detailed, then it's worth clicking on the link above.

Today I had a new pupil, who came all the way from Cornwall for a "basics" lesson, so that's exactly what we covered - the basics.

Fortunately she's a dab hand with a hook so she picked it all up in no time at all.

So we started with a foundation chain & then progressed to dc

After a few rows to practice turning, turning chains & more dc we progressed to trebles & half trebles

As you can see she's a whizz on the hook!!

We even started to work in a flat round

And off she went with lots of tutorial "how to" pamphlets & a few basic  patterns to follow until her next visit!

Now these chappies arrived in the post today 

They are the new Clover Amour Hooks which I bought from www.getknitted.com

Now before I progress any further, I would like to invite you to take a look at another blog from Julie who's in Brooklyn US

 It very nicely written and she makes a lot of items for charity so she's a very special lady.

Day 40 is this mixed grey & white or off white flower

Here it is being "joined" with my new hook, which I have to say, I do like a lot as it reminds me of my "Tulip" Hook which I can only now think that my Puppy (Scrumpy) ate, as I haven't found it for the 3 months since it's gone missing!! I will get on to comparisons in a bit...

In the meantime, this is Day 41 - again another new colour, thanks to the generous Twitters

And my "crochet" stickers arrived from vistaprint too, so the post man has been busy!

 Now to the issue of Hooks!

The grey one is my 5mm Tulip (I used to have a 4mm but as I mentioned, I think my puppy dog ate it about 3 months ago) and the purple one is the new Clover Amour 4mm

  I have to say that the are very similar - they are both VERY smooth to work with and very comfy to hold.  As you can see the Tulip one has an accentuated thumb grip, where as the Clover one doesn't.  To me that's not an issue - the important bit is that they are comfy to hold and smooth to work with.
The advantage that the Clover has over the Tulip is that they are available in lots of lovely colours
So that's a selling point for me!
As I already have the Purple one and the Brown one I just have 8 more to get!!

And finally, to round up the weekend, I have this UK Crochet Video Tutorial to share with you all (just in case you missed my earlier post)

If you want me to make the next stage (How to Double Crochet) then you'll have to leave a comment on the You Tube Page!!

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