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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 80 - 2 Crochet Workshops News & MORE!

 This is the link to my "yarn" or should I say "wool" friend across the pond.

On her latest blog posted earlier today, she mentions that I have inspired her, so go and take a look & see for yourself!

My beginners class this morning went very well!
Last week we worked on Flat Rounds, in preparation for learning Granny Squares today and that's what we did - Granny Squares - YAY - I love Granny Squares, however I forgot to take photo's so I will have to send them to you next week!

Day 80 is this "Rose Pink" square.  Another new colour for another new day!

And here they all are - no 2 squares are the same colour so far

And that's all thanks to either pupils or Twitters like @alithealien who donate scraps of wool to me - I had a lovely surprise in the post today from Ali so thank you Ali xx

Now for the Intermediates

As you can see they have worked really hard on their crochet projects

 With Join as you Go being a firm favorite

We have already come to the end of this 4 week workshop - where did the time go??
The good news - Crochet news - is that they all want to come again for more classes!!!

If you click on this link then you will see a FAB Crochet top worn by Kimberly Walsh
Very inspiring!
Thanks to @Helen B Proofreading for sending this link to me

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ali, thanks so much for the mention of me on your blog and on Twitter! You are so sweet and your students are lucky to have you as their teacher. I love the granny square blanket that the Intermediates class is working on and your Twitter blanket is coming along nicely.
    Take care, Julie x USA


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